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Who is Jason Bleau and why does he love working at Insentra

By [Jay Bleau]

I’m an avid Boston Sports Fan!  That’s right … one of those.  I love my Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins (unfortunately, my beloved Boston Bruins couldn’t finish it out against the St. Louis Blues).  Yes, these last 18 years or so have been rough.  What with 12 championships split between my beloved teams. So rough!


Is Insentra Truly 100% Channel – A View from the Outside and Inside

By [Craig Pringle]

As many of you will know I joined Insentra in January 2019 as the Professional Services Director.  What you may not know is I have known Insentra for a long time and I had previously engaged in a very different capacity. 

[Thought Leadership]

Some Basic Elements of Communicating for Effect

Project managers spend significant time communicating with project stakeholders both orally and in writing. Good project communications are essential to a successful project outcome for all stakeholders by aligning the project team on the outcome and the roles of all team members on the journey to the outcome.


Microsoft Inspire 2019: Getting the most out of your time in the desert!

Microsoft’s Inspire conference is a massive week-long affair and can very easily get the better of both first-timers and veterans alike!


Working at Insentra – A Great Place to Work

By [Rahul Singh]

The swiftest hours as they flew. It has been 4 months at Insentra – a place I can proudly call my dream company. But you may ask or think why? How is it different from other organisations? Well, firstly, Insentra was voted the 2nd Best Place to Work in Australia with under 100 employees!


How To Attract And Keep Great Talent – 8 Years In And Still Lovin’ It

By [Lee Foster]

Why I am still at Insentra Eight years in. I had been working with a large software vendor in the UK where I performed a role not too dissimilar to a navy seal or hardened marine, well at least that’s how I felt.


My first week at Insentra

So, it’s Sunday afternoon and, like many others, I am at a local café hanging out with friends. “So, you just changed jobs – what do you do now”? asked one of my friends.


2.5 Years In The Life Of An Insentron

By [Hambik Matvosian]

*Queue Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song*…Now this is a blog post all about how I jumped on board and look at me now. Now I’d like to take a few minutes to educate your brain and tell you how I managed to jump on board the Insentra train.


Comfort Zone

By [Nick Pylarinos]

For many IT professionals finding the ‘right’ job is the biggest challenge we face as individuals, finding the balance between technically challenging and progressive environments is always in the back of our minds whenever the role hunt starts.