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Modern Workplace

Citrix Logon Times not being reported in Director - Part 1

By Matthew Gorman

Recently I came across a problem involving a new 1909 Citrix environment which was not logging logon times within Director.

Modern Workplace

Moving a Mail platform… five issues we encountered in a legacy Exchange archive to Google Vault migration

By Mathew de-la-Hey

This article is aimed at engineers, consultants or project managers to better provide an understanding of the issues that can occur in legacy Exchange archive migrations to G Suite and Google Vault (GV).

Modern Workplace

Risky Business

By Tony Consolino

Every business is exposed to some level of risk as it strives to achieve the desired outcome or objective through the delivery of a project. The outcome may not turn out as planned and this represents the risk.

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My Years at Insentra – An Open Letter

By Penny Theodoulou

It’s unbelievable but it’s been almost 5 years already.  On joining Insentra in November 2014, I didn’t really know how long I’d stay. 


Who is Jason Bleau and why does he love working at Insentra

By Jay Bleau

I’m an avid Boston Sports Fan!  That’s right … one of those.  I love my Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins (unfortunately, my beloved Boston Bruins couldn’t finish it out against the St. Louis Blues).  Yes, these last 18 years or so have been rough.  What with 12 championships split between my beloved teams. So rough!


Telenor Case Study

By Simon Altit

As one of the world’s largest telecom service providers with customers across Europe and Asia, Telenor needed a fast, cost-effective way to smoothly migrate 3,600 organisations with 12,500 end users to Office 365 Business Essentials.