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Modern Workplace

My Virtual Presence Challenge

In my last blog I spoke about my role as the Customer Success Manager for Microsoft FastTrack – I’m like a waiter in a restaurant (see recap). What I didn’t mention is that internally in the business, my role is very similar – I am a member of a team and my team’s success is also my success! #OTOD

Modern Workplace

Project Management and Change Management – How Insentra ensures projects run smoothly

By Marni Noble

I am going to say something that will really blow your mind… are you ready? It seems in business today that change is the only constant in this crazy fast-paced world of variables.

Modern Workplace

Earned Value Analysis in Project Cost Management

By Michael Chen

Most have heard the terms “on budget”, “over budget” or “under budget” used in project status reporting and in particular for fixed-price projects which have an set budget to deliver an agreed project scope.

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Who is Jason Bleau and why does he love working at Insentra

By Jay Bleau

I’m an avid Boston Sports Fan!  That’s right … one of those.  I love my Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins (unfortunately, my beloved Boston Bruins couldn’t finish it out against the St. Louis Blues).  Yes, these last 18 years or so have been rough.  What with 12 championships split between my beloved teams. So rough!


Is Insentra Truly 100% Channel – A View from the Outside and Inside

By Craig Pringle

As many of you will know I joined Insentra in January 2019 as the Professional Services Director.  What you may not know is I have known Insentra for a long time and I had previously engaged in a very different capacity. 

Thought Leadership

Some Basic Elements of Communicating for Effect

Project managers spend significant time communicating with project stakeholders both orally and in writing. Good project communications are essential to a successful project outcome for all stakeholders by aligning the project team on the outcome and the roles of all team members on the journey to the outcome.