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Managed Services for Partners

The Case of The Missing Load Index

By Mike Gray

Ahh, Citrix Server Load Index. Remember that from Presentation 4.5 or  XenApp 6.5? I know we all spent plenty of time watching and wondering why certain servers were at 10,000 load...

Secure Workplace

What’s in a name – DNS for Microsoft 365

By Edmund Davis

During the setup of services for Microsoft 365, Microsoft asked us to configure several DNS records for our domains...


7 Things to Consider Now You’ve Rolled out Teams in a Hurry

By Hugh Roberts

Given the recent and ongoing global crisis and the need to get the workforce working from home quickly, I think caution has been thrown to the wind in some cases to get remote working enabled.

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5 Tips for Positivity During Covid-19

By Rebecca Crick

Haven’t left home in 108 hours. Sick of watching infomercials. Have only communicated with the outside world via email. The news is doom and gloom. Grateful for the person who dialed the wrong apartment number.



Top Tips for Working from Home

By Rebecca Crick

As Vibe Manager, people are at the heart of what I do, and there’s been some big changes about how people work lately. Luckily, we’ve got a bit of experience working from home already…. So, we asked our crew to send us tips and tricks about working from home. Here’s what they had to say:


Discover my Tips and Secrets of Successful Teams in Project Delivery

By Richard Tomlin

Today, delivering successful projects requires different teams of people working together for a common goal or an agreed output.  At Insentra we harness collaborative working utilising Microsoft Teams.