Matthew Kaplan - 27.01.202120210127

Dude, where’s my User Experience?

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Could poor user experience be harming your brand?

Most IT departments are worried about their end users’ experience, but do they even have the visibility and performance data to manage a change?

Join Insentra’s Managed Services Director Matt Kaplan to understand the impact of application device performance from your end users’ perspective and meet your new, proactive, predictive and insightful IT team.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • Why good UX visibility is important for productivity, efficiency and troubleshooting
  • If your current UX monitoring is generating value
  • How to stop monitoring noise and become effective
  • The different user personas and how to identify them
  • Ways to identify patterns and predict behaviour

What’s in this session?

Meet the Speaker:

Matt brings over 20 years of Service Provider and enterprise experience across the Cloud, Connectivity and Collaboration technology solutions to his current role at Insentra as Managed Services Director. Matt is responsible for working with Partners and Customers to complement their existing IT teams with a globally delivered 24×7 Managed Service capability. The Managed Services technology stack include, but are not limited to Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Citrix and Cloud solutions.


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