How to make sure your Office 365 adoption strategy sticks

Ever been involved in a conversation like this?

Them: “I thought once we implemented Office 365 our teams could collaborate more effectively, and productivity would increase” 
You: “Yes, that’s right” 
Them: “Well, it’s not WORKING” 

...And, so the story begins...

Why Nulia?

We’ve all experienced the frustration of introducing new software and productivity suites, such as Office 365. Instead of being empowered and productive, you end up feeling helpless. “I have all this great stuff but now what?” 

At first, it might be easy to pinpoint the problem as either; 

People don’t know how to use their new technology and ensure organizational adoption

Partners didn’t know how to unlock the value of their client’s investment

Here's the Real Issue




Traditional Adoption and Change Management programs can work, however significant gaps still remain:

Training people is only the start.  Most people attend training and forget half of it by the time they leave.

Whilst new skills are acquired through training, do those skills get used?  E.g. People may be trained on sharing a link to a file rather than emailing.  Do they change their behaviour or still attach files to a mail?

If indeed the skills are being applied, how can this be validated?  Whilst there is some high-level reporting available from Office 365, very little is available at a detail level.

Assuming the skills are learnt and being used, are they consistently being used, or did someone get excited post-training and then go back to their old habits?

Digital Enablement for Office 365

The Answer

Enter Nulia.   So, what is Nulia?

The Nulia Works Platform provides a new way of getting users using!  Nulia monitors how users work, identifies areas where skills can be attained, and presents personalized modules to help them achieve new skills and outcomes. These are provided in multiple formats and styles as per the VARK model - Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinaesthetic. Users can select their learning style and commence developing skills - typically short and pointed (less than five minutes per skill).


The Solution
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Skills are monitored on a weekly basis and, if a user stops leveraging a skill, they are prompted to reattain or start using the skill again.  A group of skills form an outcome (for example ‘Collaborative Teamwork’), and upon achieving an outcome, the user receives a badge which they can proudly share.  Managers can assign new skills and outcomes to their teams while monitoring progress.

Kickstart your path to remote working mastery

Nulia Works can help. The pioneering digital productivity and enablement solution is designed to get users using Office 365. And if, in the wake of Covid-19 and these unique circumstances we find ourselves in your organization has leveraged the Microsoft Teams E1 licensing then you can access Nulias ‘Work From Home Starter Edition’ free for 6 months. *T&Cs apply

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You need to see it to believe it?

We thought this might be the case, so if you would like to learn more about the three pillars technology adoption and organize a no obligations demonstration of Nulia, please enter your details below. One of our crew will reach out within 24 hours. 


Nulia in Action, Check Out these Case Studies