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It has been some time since the acquisition of Symantec by Broadcom and the rebranding to “Symantec Enterprise Division (SED) of Broadcom”. As things settle down within the new organisation, many clients are finding out they fall outside of the focused (core) client list of SED and are likely to now be in one of two categories – Digital, or Commercial. Both categories no longer have access to premium or business-critical support from Broadcom and if this is you, no longer do you have access to individuals who can assist you during technical challenges and/or for strategic planning.

I have spoken to several clients and partners who are finding it very difficult to get answers or support from SED. Previously they would have had a handful of individuals to whom they could reach out, but these people simply no longer exist within the Broadcom organisation.


Insentra has been delivering professional services for Symantec since opening our doors on April 1st 2010. We have delivered projects for hundreds of clients through many partners and have worked with the Symantec consulting and support organisations hand in hand along the way. Insentra has been recognised as Symantec Services Partner of the year for 4 years in a row and through all of this, we have been seen as the glue between Symantec and the end customer, ensuring solutions are designed, implemented, healthy and functional in line with the client’s expectations and requirements. Delivering exceptional outcomes is natural to us.

We do not simply design, implement, handover, and walk away. We have been and are there to work with Symantec clients through challenges with support, product integration and helping them to realise the true potential of their investment. Given the recent changes and focus of Broadcom, access to support has been different or in some cases, impossible and this has been a common occurrence over the last weeks and months. Clients have no idea what to do or where to go to get access to the required support and assistance. Trying to navigate the Symantec and Broadcom business has proven difficult as the two-businesses rally to consolidate systems and drive efficiencies leaving clients with a stone wall or void of silence when trying to get answers.

Our focus has not changed, we are still here and we are still helping Symantec clients where and when they need us.


There is good news in all of this though. Whilst we have been watching this unfold, we have been busy building a service to fill the gap and provide clients access to a local number where they can speak to a person who can assist with the support case. We call this our “Symantec Block Hours Support Service”.

What is the “Symantec Block Hours Service”?

In short, the service is a remote service offering which acts as a 2nd and 3rd line capacity extension to your IT security team. Insentra’s global team of Enhanced Support engineers will react to any logged Incident or Request on your Symantec environment.

The pre-paid block hours can be drawn down for any of (1) alert triage (2) investigation of Incident and Problem Management cases (3) general advisory or (4) resolution of technical challenges. Hours can also be allocated towards health assessments or a roadmap and advisory session to assist with configuration options, strategy and possible migration scenarios – the hours are yours to use as you choose.

How are Block hours Structured and how can I use them?

Having access to pre-paid support should not be unfamiliar to SED clients as this is how support has been procured up until the acquisition and restructure. With access to pre-paid block hours, you can draw down as required and we provide full tracking on how many hours have been used together with the case IDs and work completed.

Support Hours can be purchased in multiples, are valid for 12-months and are available in blocks or multiples of 25, 50, 100, 150 or 200 hours

The hours can be used for things like health checks, upgrade readiness assessments, policy reviews, and business continuity planning to name a few. The service intends to provide additional value above and beyond a standard support offering by ensuring the client gets the best possible advice and guidance from SME’s whilst considering all options available.

You are in complete control of your support hours and can direct the Insentra team to draw down against the block of available hours in any way you choose. Each month we will keep you up to date on the remaining hours and can you top up at your convenience.


As is the case with all Insentra solutions, we will always transact through a partner.  This service can, however, be purchased by a partner themselves where they are looking for assistance to provide value add services to their clients, access to SME’s to act as a Systems Engineer/pre-sales capacity and/or to work alongside the Partner account reps to assist in technically qualifying or validating a solution for a client, ensuring complete alignment from sales through the delivery of a solution and on to support.


In this time where clients feel unsure or nervous about the future of their investment in Symantec, rest assured, SED is not going anywhere and with renewed focus on their core product, integrations and clients, the software is only going to get better. Having access to a support function and SME’s who can provide assistance, support, guidance a direction, should bring some calm to your thinking and allow you to move forward with confidence and continue towards realising your integrated Cyber-defence vision.

If you are looking to get immediate access to support services, contact your chosen IT Partner, or contact to register your interest and request a call from one of our architects.

For more information visit our website or download the brochure.

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