With organizations continuing to collect data at an ever-increasing rate, the requirement to find information from the data starts to become more complex, all whilst trying to keep it available and safe.

Archive2Azure is a solution which cost-effectively stores large volumes of data (up to 90% cost savings) whilst allowing organizations to manage and perform e-discovery across the data.

Positioned as a Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving, Archive2Azure ensures organizations can comply with their regulatory obligations, address privacy concerns and mitigate risk.


Why Archive360?

Archive2Azure allows organizations to archive almost any data in native format without being tied down to a vendor. By storing the data within the organisations’ Azure tenant customers can continue to securely maintain and own the data and Encryption keys.

Storing the data in Azure enables the use of tiered blob storage, WORM storage, reducing the long-term costs of storing your aging data. Moreover, leveraging AI and ML to scan the data when it is archived allows for the automatic classification and tagging of content. This ensures data archived in Archive2Azure adheres with your organizations compliance and governance policies, as well as many common regulatory standards such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and others.


  • Meet complex eDiscovery and legal hold requirements
  • Customer-controlled/customer-managed encryption keys to protect data and ensure no vendor lock-in
  • Full support for policy-driven tiered storage and WORM/SEC compliant immutable storage
  • Control costs by scaling the environment on demand (pay for what you use)
  • Single platform to migrate, onboard, secure, validate, classify, manage search analyze and dispose of disparate data
  • Dynamic data analysis with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Media Services, and Cognitive Services
  • 100% Azure infrastructure for hyper-scale resiliency and elasticity
United States|Archive360
United States|Archive360


Archive2Azure can manage and store all data for an organization whilst giving the organization full control of the data, infrastructure and information security. Use cases for Archive2Azure are:

  • E-discovery with scalable enterprise search capabilities
  • Migration of 3rd party archives data into a content-aware solution (including journal)
  • Data Validation and classification
  • Journal Archiving from Exchange/Exchange Online
  • Compliance archiving and Information Management:
    • Teams
    • File Shares, OneDrive, SharePoint Online
    • CRM
    • ECM data
    • Video/Voice recordings
  • Records management with taxonomy
  • Data Center Modernisation – to store all the left-over/unknown data

Who is Archive360?

Archive360 is the enterprise information archiving company businesses and government agencies worldwide trust to securely migrate their digital data to the cloud, and responsibly manage it for today’s regulatory, legal and business intelligence obligations. This is accomplished by applying context around the search, classification, and indexing of data including files, videos, and emails – all while allowing organizations to maintain full control over privacy, access, and compliance. Archive360 is a global Organization which delivers its solutions both directly and through a worldwide network of Partners.

United States|Archive360
United States|Archive360

Global Success

How did Archive360 give a global insurance company with over 7000 employees and 100 offices the flexibility to scale-out and scale-in as ingestion and data analytics/search workloads changed?


Almost any type of structured or unstructured data (including metadata)

All data is stored in the client’s Azure tenant, giving the client complete control over who has access to the data. Archive2Azure has been designed to allow the use of tiered Azure storage, reducing the overall cost (by as much as 90%) to maintain the data.

Archive2Azure can meet GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS as well as internal policies

Arhive2Azure allows organizations to scale up and down the Azure infrastructure to allow for better performing e-discovery searches whilst being in control of the Azure spend

Yes, all Microsoft Teams conversations; 1-to-1, group and channel communications as well as files and content can be archived, indexed and searchable. Leveraging AI to scan the content as it’s archived the platform can automatically alert reviewers to potential sensitive and PII data and any policy violations 

Customers can control and manage the encryption keys to protect the data without tying it into any vendor. Rolebased access control can be configured to allow for secure and auditable access to the data.

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United States|Archive360

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