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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Mike Hamilton

The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Mike Hamilton

In this episode of The Download, Ronnie is joined by Mike Hamilton, as Chief Executive Officer of Ziften. In his present role, Mike is focused on the company’s innovation and delivering leading threat protection for Ziften’s customers.


[01:38] Mike talks about his interesting career path and how he became Ziften’s CEO.
[02:41] Mike: I love being a chip designer.
[04:51] Find out why Mark chose Ziften.
[06:37] Ronnie: We look at what Ziften’s been doing since, and clearly Ziften’s established a phenomenal relationship with Microsoft.
[06:54] Mike talks about Ziften’s relationship with Microsoft.
[11:38] Mike: One of the things that we’re really focused on is being able to bring a fantastic solution in as many different categories of endpoint.
[11:49] Mike: We’re all about simplification.

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