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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Merle Singer

The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Merle Singer

In this episode of The Download, Ronnie is joined by Merle Singer. Merle has 25 years of senior leadership roles in the technology sector across multi-disciplines. Her experience spans corporate marketing, leadership development, culture and reputation, corporate social responsibility and global environmental sustainability. She holds a BA Honours and Masters in Psychology as well as being a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her mantra is “Interrupt the Usual” which she does by bringing to her work a unique blend of corporate knowledge and experience combined with a passion about people, culture and potential and the stories which colour us. She is currently undertaking a Research Project looking at the changing narratives for both seasoned female professionals and female early-career millennials in corporations in Australia and the USA.


[03:17] Merle: The lesson for leadership is make the aspiration to be the best self rather than to be somebody else’s self.
[03:28] Ronnie: Let yourself speak for yourself and be your best self.
[18:05] Merle: I think part of the digital disruption pieces, we got to think differently.
[19:33] Ronnie: In a management or leadership capacity, to acknowledge that every individual is different and they respond and react differently
[26:05] Ronnie: “It’s wonderful because you get taught what to do when you’re at university. You never get taught how to effectively do it in a workplace.”

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