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The Late Night Brew – What Citrix can do for you?

What are the benefits of using Citrix? In this episode, Consultant Robert Buktenica talks to returning Solutions Architect John Gallacher about the holistic virtual desktop solution Citrix enables.


00:07 Introduction
00:27 The Brew
01:14 Fast facts about Citrix and what it can do?
02:31 What’s the benefit of adopting Citrix?
03:50 What’s an unknown capability that Citrix that everyone should know?
04:51 Find out what is John’s preferred VDI solution (AVD or Citrix)
05:28 Conclusion



Robert Buktenica: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Late Night Brew, where we talk the brews first, and then we get around to the business stuff later. I’m Robert Buktenica. Tonight on the show with me once again to continue our series, John Gallacher. Welcome back, mate

John Gallacher: Hey man. Good to be back on again.

The Brew

Robert: Brilliant. Now, you know the drill, you know the important stuff. What are you having?

John: Yes. Tonight, Buck, I have a can of BrewDog Punk. You can probably see the little AF there, which means alcohol-free. There’s been that many late-night brews. It’s starting to catch up on me, so I thought I would go alcohol-free tonight. Pretty sad, I know.

Robert: No, any brew is good brew in my opinion. Being the host, I’ve got to power through and do my natural. It’s Breckenridge. It’s a Hazy IPA. Some good stuff. It’s probably a little less octane than I probably should be drinking at this point, but the things we do for– The show must go on.

John: Yes, exactly.

Fast facts about Citrix and what it can do?

Robert: To give a quick recap, we’ve talked Azure Virtual Desktops. We’ve touched on its overview. We’ve dived a little bit into it. Now we’re going to give some fairest time to Citrix. Let’s dive into it some processes. What’s the overview elevator-style pitch, fast facts about what Citrix can do?

John: I think we have spent a lot of time in the last few sessions around AVD and what that’s all about. With Citrix, it’s probably more a holistic solution. Citrix provides a digital modern workplace that allows you to deliver secure applications for both Windows and Linux. One of the key things as well is its task-based applications, some modern applications as well.

I have mentioned, and I wanted to call it out, I have mentioned a few times in the past shows about this concept of MAPS; Management, Access, Performance, and Security. That really was an old Citrix, a tagline way back when. I think it still does stand true today. I think it’s important to call out that Citrix is a massive portfolio of really awesome solutions. They’ve been really leading the charge in the whole EUC space for the last 30-plus years, really.

What’s the benefit of adopting Citrix?

Robert: Awesome. What’s a good, big/notable, worth-calling-out benefit of using or adopting Citrix?

John: I think it is the actual size of the portfolio. I think it’s important to call out the fact that people hear Citrix, and if you’re not that well across, you

might automatically jump to that concept of it’s just structural apps and desktops, right?

Robert: Yes.

John: Because it is so huge, they’re a flagship service. They’ve got some rock-solid networking options out there as well like SD-WAN. You can take all these links that might not be that as performing, you can bundle it together, improve that throughput. You can also increase resiliency. Of course, we’ve got the Citrix ADC, which was formally the NetScaler. That device is just awesome.

It does secure access. It does a web firewall. It does load balance and SSL offloading. You could literally spend the whole day talking about the power and that device. I think as well, it’s like with Citrix and it’s one of the things that often called out, of all the competitors out there, Citrix has got a really advanced remoting protocol, HDX (high-definition experience) built upon the original IC protocol. It’s super light, it’s super capable, and that really bolsters that experience for end-users.

What’s an unknown capability that Citrix that everyone should know?

Robert: Awesome. I feel like you’ve already answered my next question of the underrated capability, or I wouldn’t even say underutilized, but not talked about. That would be the NetScalers.

John: The NetScaler is awesome. I think that I’d probably like to call out a feature that I was super excited about a while back, and it’s called micro app service. Micro app service is a way– If you can think about that digital workspace, like a storefront-type look and feel, and the enterprise. There’s a lot of applications out there. You might need to fiddle through and get a certain little feature. It’s really time-consuming.

With micro apps, what you can actually do is build these really neat little apps, widgets, or buttons that are just right there into the user feed. Clicking that button can save you so much time. It’s been out about two years now, but I think a lot of admins and users have still got to really adopt that tounlock the true power. It’s pretty exciting.

Find out what is John’s preferred VDI solution (AVD or Citrix)

Robert: I see that. I had no idea about that. There you go, underrated or not spoken about. We’ve talked AVD the last two sessions. We’re brushing on Citrix. You’ve got a fair amount of experience across them both. Do you have a preferred option or what’s your take on them?

John: I possibly do. I think that, with my beer getting pretty low, I think it’s definitely worthwhile another session and they can do a quick comparison and work out when one solution might fit the customer’s needs.


Robert: I understand and respect that, man of priorities. With that, that will wrap up our time, because the beer’s low. What else are you going to do? I hope everyone enjoyed this session talking about Citrix, and John joining us once again. If you have any questions or feedback, always get in touch. Until then, until next time, and with a fresh beer, have a great night. Cheers, mate.

John: Thanks, Buck.

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