Insentra - 07.10.2021

Azure Virtual Desktop with Login VSI

How well are your users working remotely or in a hybrid setting? Will your journey to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) impact their productivity by disrupting business critical functions?  

Identify and resolve problems before they impact your business! Stop monitoring and start testing with Login Enterprise. Join Blair Parkhill, Director of Products at Login VSI as he discusses AVD solutions.  

Login Enterprise is an entire testing platform, spanning both pre-production and production enabling you to improve business outcomes and user experience by evolving from reactive monitoring to proactive testing. 

2:06 – End used compute journey to AVD 

8:44 – Increased complexity/change demands 

10:17 – How is Login VSI driving shift left testing 

15:57 – Collecting your performance data 

25:35 – Test observations 

36:35 – Findings  

39:59 – How to get started with Login Enterprise

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