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The IT Factor Episode 3 – Mastering Migrations: ROI, TCO & the Business Case for Migrating to M365

Show Notes

There are real and obvious cost savings when putting together a business case to justify a move to the cloud including reduced server footprint and simplified & reduced licensing costs.

There are also some hidden and intangible savings like reduced cost of risk, reduced complexities and reduced IT administration costs.

One of IT’s most important functions has become managing data without inhibiting employee productivity. Microsoft 365 enables IT organisations to have the best of both worlds. Now they don’t have to choose between providing a great user experience or making the experience secure. They can do both!


  • Consolidate vendor licensing
    • From management & monitoring to security tools for threats & vulnerabilities, M365 provides tools and features which reduce the complexity and number of tools required to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Reduced IT overhead
    • The obvious reduction in both compute and data storage footprint leads to cost savings during the next hardware refresh.
  • Save with automation and process improvements


  • Reduced total cost of risk (TCOR)
  • Reduced IT administration
    • Potential for reduced head count or the potential to refocus IT resources to more proactive (rather than reactive) tasks.
    • Saving on physical and travel related costs.
  • True productivity
    • In this new era of WFA (work from anywhere), M365 provides a unified productivity suite which empowers users to collaborate seamlessly across traditional business devices (PC, MAC, as well as phones and tablets) with a consistent user experience across all their devices.

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