Working at Insentra – A Great Place to Work

Love Being A Part of the Insentra Train

The swiftest hours as they flew. It has been 4 months at Insentra – a place I can proudly call my dream company. But you may ask or think why? How is it different from other organisations? Well, firstly, Insentra was voted the 2nd Best Place to Work in Australia with under 100 employees! Secondly, we live and breathe the “Train Story“. The values and the ethos of the company make it unique. Each ‘Insentron’ is appreciated and valued for their contribution regardless of its magnitude. I have never worked with such a great bunch of people who are not only high achievers but highly humble humans. The confidence and trust instilled in every Insentron motivate them to become a better version of themselves every single day, providing a conducive environment for holistic perennial growth.

My story of how I became an Insentron is nothing short of extraordinary. I was overseas working as a self-employed IT trainer. I applied for the role via LinkedIn and I was promptly contacted by our Chief People Officer (CPO) to attend a face to face interview. I requested for a video conference interview and was pleasantly surprised to be given the opportunity by our CPO. I had subsequent interviews and finished off with the final interview with our CEO, Ronnie Altit. From the very first interview itself, I had that burning desire to be a part of this company.

I had a few butterflies in my stomach on my first day in the company but within the first 30 mins, I felt completely at ease. Being welcomed with goodies and desk decorations was a welcome surprise. I also had a special welcome note from Ronnie which I truly treasure. So here I am, 4 months in with the greatest organisation I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. A place that gives you the wings to fly and instills a belief system that anything is achievable provided you focus and follow a proven methodology.

I look forward to being an everlasting part of this terrific train that Insentra is and contributing my bit towards the huge milestones that we Insentrons are destined to achieve!

For someone who wants to jump on this train, I would strongly urge you to read the train story so you can assess and find out if they truly resonate with the vision of our crew.

Stay tuned for my future blogs.

Rahul Singh

Office 365 Consultant