Who is Jason Bleau and why does he love working at Insentra

Introducing Jason Bleau
Senior Consultant at Insentra and a Rabid Boston Fan

I’m an avid Boston Sports Fan!  That’s right … one of those.  I love my Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins (unfortunately, my beloved Boston Bruins couldn’t finish it out against the St. Louis Blues).  Yes, these last 18 years or so have been rough.  What with 12 championships split between my beloved teams. So rough!

I’m also a father of many children.  Enough children for a basketball team.  So, my life is busy.  Very busy.  Free time is but a myth in the Bleau household.  This means that we have some sort of child-specific event almost every weeknight, and often weekends.  The wife and I love it.  What a great way to meet other people in our local northern NJ community.  Pro Tip:  Schedule regular date nights with your beloved.  It’ll help keep you both sane.

Also, I’m now a Senior Consultant with Insentra!  And it’s been a whirlwind experience since I came aboard back in early March. My first official day with Insentra kicked off after two long plane rides to fly from the East Coast of the USA to Sydney, Australia. Not too many people can say they were flown to the other side of the world to start their new job! Sydney is a great town and a life-long dream of mine finally came true.  I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, so it was a surreal experience when the plane finally touched down at Sydney Int’l Airport. I encourage everyone to make at least one trip to the land down under.

These past few months have afforded me great opportunities working in the Hybrid Exchange stack with our partners’ customers. I’m really enjoying working alongside our partners to solve the varying complex needs for the clients. My previous position was more of an engineering role, with less consulting opportunities, so this position with Insentra has allowed me to stretch my skills as a consultant.  “Seek to understand the client’s needs” is something my manager, Jody Elkins, is constantly reminding us all to do, and it really is important. Each client has unique needs and they are looking to Insentra to guide and solve those needs.  “Seek to understand.”

Another benefit of working at Insentra is the team comradeship that is inherent at Insentra. We’re all dispersed throughout the world, but we’re all on one team. At my last company, I was the one “Exchange” guy for a company of about 250 employees. That was lonely at times, to be honest. With Insentra, there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience that is always available for me to tap into. Some of the top guys in the industry have chosen Insentra and I feel that the level of excellence is unmatched. If I experience an unusual or challenging technical issue on one of my projects, chances are, someone else at Insentra has experienced it, but if not, they’re ready to assist and give great suggestions.

Riding that train, learning the company culture, and more personally, adjusting to life working from home with the large family has been challenging (a good challenge, but the kids know that if the office door is shut, DO NOT DISTURB), exciting, rewarding, and enjoyable.  I’ve been in the tech game since 2002, having seen the progression of on-prem, to cloud, to a mix of both (hybrid).  It’s an exciting time to be in the industry right now, and I’m very excited to see how I can help our partners and clients achieve their technical goals.