2.5 Years In The Life Of An Insentron

*Queue Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song*…Now this is a blog post all about how I jumped on board and look at me now. Now I’d like to take a few minutes to educate your brain and tell you how I managed to jump on board the Insentra train.

Hey everyone! Pure Awesomeness is back!! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’m back! And I don’t know whether this is a good thing or not, but this post has nothing to do with Exchange and mail flow this and migrations that…I can almost hear the heartbreak! Hopefully you would’ve read in a number of published articles (including the bombardment of my own social media pages by my own doing) that Insentra was awarded the title of THE 2nd BEST PLACE TO WORK IN AUSTRALIAso rather than jamming your cerebrum with Exchange content, I thought I’d tell you all about what I’ve been up to during my last 2.5 years onboard the Insentra train and some of the other stuff I’ve been up to when I’m not shoveling coal with the rest of the crew. If you’re thinking to yourself “what the heck does he mean by shoveling coal”…read the train story here written by our Commander and Chief, Ronnie Altit.

Here we go! Rewind the clock back 2.5 years ago on a drizzly Monday morning (don’t ask me how the heck I remember that!) where I walked in the door of what was our old office like a young teenager walking into his first class of Legal Studies (because you know, it’s every 14 year old’s dream to become a lawyer…said no one ever!) and was welcomed by friendly crew members and escorted to my new desk where I was greeted by a giant 15” screen laptop! Before I knew it, I was on the train home and day 1 at Insentra was done and dusted. I think it was about week 2 or 3 where I found myself onsite at a large customer, dealing with an issue I had never come across but even though I was still new to my surroundings, I had the backing of the Insentra crew to help me through what could’ve been a sticky situation.

Fast forward about 12 months or so and within that time period, became Exchange Server certified, gained the respect of the rest of the crew, captained our Starlight Kick 4 Kids 6 a side football team with a broken knuckle (you should see the other guy…just kidding…funny story behind it…not really) and oh yes, moved into our Cloud and Collaboration Team (which was a fancy name for all things Microsoft…which has now changed by the way). Want to know more about our new Go to Market? Sign up to Insentragram! Oh come on, this should be standard practice after reading my blogs 🙂

Fast forward 1.5 years and this is what’s happened:

  • Moved into a new office (in the same building might I add)
  • Learnt a heck of a lot and have grown both personally and professionally
  • Captained the Starlight Kick 4 Kids 6 a side soccer team for a 2nd year
  • Delivered some meaty Exchange and Exchange Online projects
  • Officially obtained the title of Pure Awesomeness
  • Broken the nose of our CEO at an Australia Day BBQ (he was fine! And I’m still alive so winning!)
  • Moved into a Team Lead role

So basically, in a nutshell, a lot has happened over the last 2.5 years and on top of all that, when I’m not shoveling the coal, I’m studying to become a Personal Trainer and am also part-time DJ on the weekends at private functions. Somehow, I find the time…don’t ask me how but somehow, I find it.

Now that I’ve read over everything I’ve written, I’ve figured out I haven’t told you what it’s like working at Insentra. One word…AWESOME! From day 1, I was welcomed onto the train and have been through different carriages, worked with and continue to work with a crazy amount of talented people.

Insentra dares to be different in so many ways. No political BS, no doors between carriages, meaning everyone works together to shovel the coal no matter if they’re a consultant or a project manager, BBQ every Friday to fuel our hard-working bodies (and yes I tend to eat a stupid amount of food on Fridays) and I can accidentally break the nose of our CEO during an Australia Day BBQ rumble gone wrong and still live to tell the tale (this achievement can and never will be repeated!) Plus, the directors all sit out on the floor with the rest of us, meaning they’re not locked away in their offices. It means that if I wanted to shoot one of the directors with my Nerf gun that I may or may not have fully loaded sitting in my draw, I can. I should point out that Nerf gun battles do occasionally take place in the office and often do result in large Nerf bullets whistling past your head.

It’s this culture that makes Insentra stand out from the rest and is hands down the best place I’ve worked in my professional IT career so far.

And let’s face it, if you read the Great Places to Work results, the number 1 best place to work in Australia with 100 or less employees is a dentistry so in reality, Insentra is the best IT company to work for in Australia with under 100 crew members (we don’t like the E word!)

Well, that’s a wrap. Something completely different than my usual blog posts. If you’re considering looking for that next step in your career, jump on our website and social media pages and get in contact with me today if there’s a role that’s just right for you!

Until next time, Pure Awesomeness signing off!

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison