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Efficiency, Collaboration, Productivity and User Experience When your Workforce is Mobilised

Sydney, 9th March 2020 – With an increase in the number of people working remotely due to office or school closures, self-imposed quarantine or travel restrictions, CIOs, business leaders and managers are evaluating business continuity plans and their remote working procedures.

As well as securing hardware for access away from the office, or providing support for mobile workers and their devices, another major concern is how well users themselves are prepared for remote working.

“Do they know how to effectively communicate and collaborate away from an office environment with no water cooler chats? Are they sharing files securely? If a user has never worked from home before, how can they be sufficiently upskilled with minimal downtime? These are just a few of the questions we’ve been asking our partners and clients this week as we all navigate a potential unknown” says Ronnie Altit, CEO of Insentra, a global collaborative IT services business from Sydney.

“In a traditional scenario, training and adoption programs would be implemented to enable users with the skills to leverage collaboration technologies, but in response to a crisis or, in this case a potential pandemic, users need rapid on-the-job learning or upskilling which can be scaled depending on their function or persona” said Altit. “One of the solutions we are recommending is Nulia Works, which monitors how users are working within Microsoft Office 365 and presents them with various skills and outcomes to develop based on the functionality and tools they are using, as well as how they collaborate and communicate.”

Oregon born Nulia is a pioneer in Digital Enablement, getting users using their digital productivity suites to become more productive on a continuous and sustained basis via a continuous system of personalisation, measurement, and recognition. “As more businesses and organisations are choosing to operate remotely for the health and safety of their employees, we are here to help them develop the skills they need to meet this new challenge. Nulia Works offers expert guidance in developing the skills needed to make working with Office 365 remotely as easy as working in the office.  said Steve Zimba, CEO, Nulia. 

While the strain of confinement and change of routine may impact employees, with the right tools and processes in place the challenges of productivity, communication and collaboration can help mitigate business risk and economic impact. 


About Insentra 

Insentra is a truly collaborative IT Services partner delivering a range of specialised Professional and Managed services, transacting exclusively through the IT channel. Our partner centric business model provides our partners and their clients with access to technologies, industry expertise, and accountable outcomes. Our service offerings cover technologies by Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, Torsion, IGEL, Nulia and many more across modern workplace, cloud, collaboration, security, support, migrations and more. We love what we do and are driven by a relentless determination to deliver exceptional service excellence. The combined individual skills, experiences and perspectives in our crew enable us to achieve powerful results for our partners and their clients. For more information on Insentra, visit  


About Nulia 

Nulia is a pioneer in Digital Enablement, getting users using their digital productivity suites. Our Nulia Works platform is the first of its kind SaaS solution, supporting a continuous system of measurement, personalisation, and engagement. Nulia Works guides users to attain, maintain, and use digital productivity skills to realise their potential and unlock the value of Office 365 in the way which works for them. Nulia are headquartered in Eugene, Oregon and have international operations based in Dublin, Ireland. To learn more, visit 

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We love what we do and are driven by a relentless determination to deliver exceptional service excellence.

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