Taming the Device Zoo: The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune


Device management is just like zookeeping. Each device is like an animal that needs taking care of to ensure they’re healthy or functioning the way they should. Zookeepers must protect them against sicknesses and infections — or in the case of devices, malware and data breaches — that could put your entire zoo at risk.

And this new hybrid world of work has introduced new challenges in the landscape of device management. Remote and on-site employees use a mix of personal and company-issued laptops, smartphones and tablets, creating a chaotic zoo of devices. Now, it’s become more difficult to keep an eye on all the animals and ensure their safety.

The good news is there is a tool that could empower you to become a master device zookeeper.

Enter Microsoft Intune, a revolutionary endpoint management solution designed to address age-old device management issues, as well as new challenges brought by the new norm that is hybrid work.

In this eBook, we will explore the basics of Microsoft Intune, discovering how this powerful tool can help you wrangle your devices for ultimate security. Dive deep into features like configuration, app management and cloud integration, and master trainer tips and tricks for optimising workflow and fortifying your defences, keeping your digital zoo escape-proof.


Microsoft Intune is a mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) provider for all digital devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, Android and Apple iOS are all supported by Microsoft Intune – a cloud-based service which allows you ultimate control in how your organization’s devices are used daily in the workplace. Intune is part of Microsoft 365 and can natively integrate with the full suite of Microsoft 365 products, including Entra ID. It can allow control over access (who and what users can access), as well as Microsoft Purview Information Protection, and data protection.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune allows you to manage devices and applications, including applying security and compliance polices. You can then use Entra ID to enforce access to your applications only from devices and applications that you trust. Intune also enables full control over corporate devices, enabling you to manage the end-user experience and deploy applications and updates to devices regardless of location.

You can deploy apps such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive as customized apps to managed devices.

One of the great features of Intune is controlling how users access company data on personal mobile devices. This enables you to manage applications, not the device, ensuring all company data stays protected and separate from personal data. There are endless opportunities and possibilities using Intune. A few key features include:

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune
  • Choose to go 100% cloud management with Intune, or co-manage corporate Windows PCs with Configuration Manager and Intune together

  • Secure your company information by controlling the way users access and share information

  • Set policies and configure settings on personal and organisation-owned devices to access data and networks

  • Deploy and authenticate apps on devices

  • Manage your devices to make sure they are compliant with your security requirements

  • Manage your apps to ensure they stay up-to-date and comply with security requirements


Intune offers a wealth of features and capabilities that improve not just your device and app management, but your organization’s data security and cost efficiency as well. Below are some of the features you can enjoy:
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Device Choice & Customisation

With Intune, you aren’t restricted to corporate devices. Intune gives you the flexibility of issuing corporate devices or allowing employees to use their personal devices too, by registering, enrolling, and managing their devices and then installing corporate applications from the Company Portal. This approach works well to support BYOD for mobile devices. Personal Windows and Mac devices can also be supported; however, these platforms are more challenging to support due to their open nature. If you’re looking to support these platforms for personal devices, get in touch with us so that we can assist in customizing a support strategy for you.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Mobile & PC Device Management

Intune allows you to manage devices using an approach that is right for the company. You may require full control over your organisation-owned devices, requiring devices to be enrolled into Intune, and covering settings, features and security.

Essentially, once enrolled, they will receive settings and controls through policies configured in Intune for the organization. This could include settings such as enforcing BitLocker encryption, software updates, or something simple as a password policy.

The alternative approach is for personal devices where users may not want the organization to have full control of their devices. This is where you and the end-user have two options:

  • Enrol the device so the user has full access to company resources
  • Use Intune app protection policies to enforce data protection policies in company apps such as Outlook, SharePoint and Teams

Intune gives administrators the ability to view a list of devices and pull an inventory for them. From there, admins can:

  • Configure devices to ensure they meet the company’s security and health standards. For example, you may require devices to be encrypted
  • Deploy certificates to allow devices to securely authenticate to Wi-Fi networks or VPNs
  • Pull reports on device compliance and users
  • Wipe devices or remove data from the device

Considering various regional compliance requirements, it’s also valuable to reference standards like E8, Cyber Essentials, or other relevant mandates, highlighting the importance of adhering to industry best practices for data security and compliance.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Data Protection

Microsoft Intune integrates Microsoft’s data protection and security services, allowing you to fully secure your corporate data.

Intune supports Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft Purview Information Protection for access control, as well as other Microsoft 365 Apps suite of products. This enables you to remotely deploy apps such as Outlook for specific devices or specific users and control how these apps work if users access company data on their personal devices with app policies.

For example, you can prevent users from copying text or exchanging documents from a company app into an uncontrolled location such as a personal app. There are so many options here, and they allow you to build a solid governance plan.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Managed in the Cloud

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based solution, enabling you to manage devices without the need to deploy additional on-premises infrastructure required to manage devices or incur costs for additional services.

Intune does integrate with and support several traditional on-premises solutions including Configuration Manager and Active Directory Certificate Services. As Microsoft continues to invest in Intune’s capabilities, you’ll have a path forward to continue to migrate away from on-premises solutions.


Flexible Pricing Plans

Intune operates as a subscription service on a per-user basis, with licensing charged monthly. Each user can connect up to 5 devices, eliminating the need for constant device counting. Additionally, if you’re subscribed to another service, you may not incur any additional cost for Microsoft Intune. Like other Microsoft 365 offerings, you have the flexibility to license users either monthly or annually.


Even though Intune is a cloud-based product, it can integrate with Configuration Manager to control your domain-joined Windows devices that are already enrolled into Configuration Manager on-premises. We recommend that customers who have Configuration Manager already deployed transition to co-management with Intune and Configuration Manager, rather than move to Intune alone. This gives you the best of both solutions.

Below is a high-level diagram of the Microsoft Intune architecture. As you can see, the three main areas are configuring devices, protecting data, and managing apps.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

The common practices of using Microsoft Intune:

  • Protecting your email and data in both Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises so it can be accessed by devices safely
  • Issue corporate-owned devices such as laptops, tablets and phones to employees and enable them with a fully customized out of the box experience
  • Enable employees to work from anywhere while still have full control over the user experience and device state
  • Offering a “bring your own device” (BYOD) programme to allow employees to securely use the mobile devices they already own


What is Device Enrolment?

Mobile device management (MDM), requires your devices to be enrolled into Intune, thus fully managing the device. Once a device is enrolled, it is issued an MDM certificate, which is used to communicate between the Intune service and the device. There are several methods to enrol devices you can choose from, depending on the type of device (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), the device ownership (corporate or personal), and the management requirements (resets, locking).

You can learn more about device enrolment here: Enrollment guide: Microsoft Intune enrollment

Automatic Enrolment

You have the option to automate the enrolment of devices to Intune, depending on the current state of the device. Existing Windows 10 or 11 devices joined to Active Directory, will need to be Entra hybrid joined. They can then be automatically enrolled into Intune by configuring a Group Policy Object (GPO) that enables enrolment. Windows Autopilot can be used to provision new (or factory reset) Windows PCs directly into Entra ID and Microsoft Intune, enabling a user-driven setup and enrolment experience out-of-the-box from any location. Automatic enrolment for Apple devices requires Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager and enables a streamlines user-driven device provisioning experience. Similarly, Android devices support zero-touch deployments with Android Enterprise or Samsung Knox. In these user-driven deployment scenarios, we highly recommend multi-factor authentication is enabled for anyone who is registering a device for added security.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune


To avoid any issues when initially deploying mobile applications, app configuration policies can be utilised to work with the installation. This helps by assigning configuration settings to an end-user assigned policy prior to setup. These settings are then automatically supplied when the app is configured on the end-user’s device – leaving no outstanding actions for end-users. These configuration settings are unique to each user and for each app.

Configuration policies can be created and implemented to provide configuration settings for both Android and iOS/iPad OS apps alike. These configuration settings allow full app customisation by app management and configuration. Typically, these settings are actioned when the app is run for the very first time (when the app checks for these settings).

App configuration settings may require the following:

  • Language settings
  • Security settings
  • Custom port
  • Brand and company logo settings

App configuration policies are important and eliminate the potential of error if end users were to enter these settings themselves. They can also help to provide consistency across your organization, reducing the need for helpdesk calls and ensuring the greatest efficiencies. By using app configuration policies, new app installations can be easier and quicker and processes more efficient.

Configuration parameters (and the implementation of these which are available) are set by app developers and creators. Always remember to seek validation in the form of legal documentation from these application vendors to ensure all configurations are available, and how these may potentially impact the application.

For some applications, Intune will populate the available configuration settings.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Assigning groups

App configuration policies can be assigned to groups of end-users and devices by using a combination of include and exclude assignments. Once and app configuration policy has been added, you can set the assignments to the policy. When setting assignments, you have the option to include and exclude groups of end-users for which the policy applies to. You can then choose to include one or more groups of end-users or devices.

Protection policies

App protection policies (APP) are rules which guarantee your company’s data is contained in a managed app and ensure it remains safe. A policy can be a set of actions which are restricted or monitored when the user is inside the app, or a policy could be a rule which comes into effect when a user tries to move or access corporate data and prevents them from doing so.

MAM app protection policies allow you to control your company data within your applications. Many Microsoft and third-party apps are supported and can be managed by Intune MAM. The official list can be found here: Supported Microsoft Intune apps | Microsoft Learn

Remote access

The benefit of controlling and protecting your applications with Intune is you have remote control over your apps and data. There are three ways you can wipe app data from Intune:

  • MAM selective wipe
  • Full device wipe
  • MDM selective wipe

MAM selective wipe removed any company data from the app. When a user is using an app, a request is sent every 30 minutes to the Intune service. This check is also carried out whenever the user first launches the app and signs in with their work or school account.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Meanwhile, a full device wipe does what is says on the tin – removes all settings and user data from the device by resetting the device to factory defaults. The device is then removed from Intune.

Lastly, an MDM selective wipe removes any company data from the device. This is generally used for personally owned devices when retiring them from Intune but without needed to wipe the entire device due to personal data. There are a lot of things to think about with this option such as what type of device you are talking about so more information can be found here: Retire or wipe devices using Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn

Intune also offers integration with TeamViewer, which is an exclusive partnership. This allows further remote control and support capabilities to multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices. You can even go as far as gaining remote access to point of sale (POS) systems, kiosks and digital signage. It is very easy to configure as there is a pre-built TeamViewer Connector within Intune ready for activation.

By using TeamViewer, you can leverage real-time sharing to view issues and fix devices with minimal downtime or disruption. All data is end-to-end encrypted and not even TeamViewer can read the data in transit or at rest.


Microsoft’s Copilot integration in Intune is a significant advancement in the realm of endpoint management, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance administrative tasks. Introduced in March 2024, Intune Copilot is designed to provide AI-driven recommendations tailored to organisational needs, optimising both user problem resolution and policy management with unprecedented efficiency and security.

Key Features and Benefits of Intune Copilot

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

AI-Driven Recommendations

Copilot leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data from your Intune environment. It provides customized recommendations, allowing administrators to make informed decisions quickly. This can significantly reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and policy configuration, ensuring your devices remain compliant and secure.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Enhanced Policy Management

One of the standout features of Copilot is its ability to simplify complex policy management. Through AI-assisted summaries, administrators can gain clear insights into the implications of various policies, making it easier to enforce best practices and optimize settings for security and performance.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Comprehensive Device Context

Copilot offers a full device context for troubleshooting, enabling administrators to view a complete history of device interactions and configurations. This holistic view aids in the rapid identification and resolution of issues, minimising downtime and enhancing user productivity.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

User-Friendly Prompts and Guidance

By providing intuitive prompts and step-by-step guidance, Copilot ensures even less experienced administrators can manage and resolve device and application issues effectively. This democratises IT management, reducing dependency on highly specialised personnel and spreading operational efficiency across the team.

Scenarios Benefiting from Intune Copilot

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Efficient Troubleshooting

With full device context and AI-driven insights, troubleshooting becomes a streamlined process. Administrators can swiftly pinpoint the root causes of issues and implement effective solutions without the need for extensive manual research.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Simplified Policy Implementation

Copilot’s AI-assisted policy summaries offer clear, actionable insights, enabling administrators to implement security and compliance policies with greater confidence and accuracy.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Best Practice Guidance

Leveraging Microsoft’s extensive expertise, Copilot provides best practice recommendations tailored to your specific environment. This ensures that your policies not only comply with industry standards but also optimize performance and security.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Integration with Microsoft Copilot for Security

Microsoft Copilot for Security is a generative-AI security analysis tool designed to help organizations quickly access information and make informed decisions that impact security and risk management.

Intune has capabilities powered by Copilot that utilise your Intune data to assist in managing policies and settings, understanding security posture, and troubleshooting device issues. There are two primary ways to access your Intune data using Copilot:

  1. Microsoft Copilot in Intune:

    Copilot is integrated within the Microsoft Intune admin center. The prompts and outputs provided by Copilot are in the context of Intune and your specific Intune data, making it an invaluable tool for IT admins and IT professionals. This article focuses on how to use Copilot within Intune, detailing the features and benefits available.

  2. Microsoft Copilot for Security:

    This option is accessible via the Microsoft Copilot for Security portal, offering a broader security operations perspective. It provides insights not just from Intune but also from other enabled services like Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft Purview. This version of Copilot caters to the needs of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) but can also be used by IT admins to gain comprehensive security insights.

By adopting both Intune Copilot and Microsoft Copilot for Security, organizations can create a cohesive framework that enhances security operations. This integrated approach ensures a robust, unified defence against potential threats, optimising both endpoint management and organisational security. For more information on accessing your Microsoft Intune data in Copilot for Security, visit Access your Microsoft Intune data in Copilot for Security.

Future Outlook of Intune Copilot

As AI technology continues to evolve, Intune Copilot is expected to incorporate even more advanced features, further simplifying device management and enhancing security. Staying updated with these advancements will be crucial for organizations aiming to maintain a secure and efficient IT environment.

For more detailed information and to stay abreast of the latest developments, visit the official Microsoft Copilot in Intune page.


If you’re still unsure which device management platform best suits your needs, check out the table below to compare the features, advantages and pricing of Intune versus other cloud-based services.
Microsoft MDM vs. Intune
Microsoft MDM for Office 365

Description: A lightweight version of MDM provided by Microsoft.


  • Enforces MDM policies and settings.
  • Controls access to Office 365 data on supported devices.
  • Allows remote wiping of company data from devices.


  • Typically included in most Office 365 subscriptions.


  • Lacks MAM features.
  • Limited configuration capabilities.
  • No deployment functions or ability to remotely wipe apps.

Description: Microsoft’s comprehensive MDM and MAM solution for managing mobile devices and apps.


  • Offers advanced MDM and MAM functionalities.
  • Provides robust configuration capabilities.
  • Enables deployment functions and remote wiping of apps.


  • May require a separate, potentially more expensive subscription.


  • Comprehensive management solution for both devices and apps.
  • Greater flexibility and control over configuration and deployment.
  • Enhanced security features compared to MDM for Office 365.
Microsoft Configuration Manager vs. Intune
Microsoft Configuration Manager

Description: On-premises solution for device management previously known as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM or ConfigMgr)


  • Widely used but complex to set up and maintain.
  • Suitable for managing on-premises infrastructure.

Transition to Intune: Can be integrated with Intune for co-management or migration to cloud-based management.

Description: Cloud-based solution for modern device management.


  • Allows moving away from on-premises infrastructure.
  • Supports co-management with Configuration Manager.
  • Doesn’t support image deployment but focuses on configuring devices with deployment profiles.
Group Policy vs. Intune
Group Policy

Description: Traditional method for managing on-premises infrastructure.


  • Controlled devices/users using Group Policy Objects (GPOs).
  • Not supported in cloud-based environments like Intune.

Description: Cloud-based alternative for managing devices/users.


  • Utilises Configuration Profiles for policy management.
  • Offers similar functionalities to GPOs but in a cloud-based environment.


There is no specific certification for Microsoft Intune, as Microsoft now aim for role-based certifications, although there are few certifications which include Intune in the topics, such as:

  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Intune is included in many subscriptions, so you may already be paying for it, but it is also available as a stand-alone subscription. Intune is included in the following Microsoft 365 subscriptions:
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E3
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 F3
  • Microsoft 365 Government G5
  • Microsoft 365 Government G3
  • Microsoft Intune for Education
Microsoft also offers a device-only subscription service for Intune, which allows you to manage devices that aren’t affiliated to specific users.
United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

Be careful here, though. The Intune device license is just a licensing construct and is not enforced. Consider the most common scenario for device-based licenses being kiosk devices that can be provisioned via Windows Autopilot and Intune, but automatically sign into the device with a local account. These devices are typically used for shared or public use scenarios. If a licensed user never signs into the device, additional applications and update may never be processed by the device.

Microsoft Intune Plan 2

An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1 that offers advanced endpoint management capabilities. Intune Plan 2 is included in Microsoft Intune Suite.

Microsoft Intune Suite

An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1 that unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions.


Device zookeeping is no easy feat, especially with today’s growing culture of BYOD and the increasing number of data breaches. As such, zookeepers must arm themselves with the right tools that make their jobs easier and keep their device jungles safer. This is exactly what Intune does.

With Intune, you gain customisation and management features and capabilities that allow you to configure each device uniquely, allowing you to ensure each endpoint’s security.

However, we understand if your IT team does not have the time or resources required to master a new tool. That’s where Intune Managed Service comes in. Insentra’s team of Intune gurus handle everything, ensuring your devices and more importantly your users, stay secure and happy. With expert tamers keeping an eye on your devices, you can rest assured on focus on other IT tasks, knowing your digital zoo is always safe and healthy in Insentra’s hands.

United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune



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United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

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United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

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United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

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United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

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United States | The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Intune

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