United States | Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

Jane Ilagan - 03.11.2020

Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

United States | Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

Insentra’s Enhanced 365 Managed Service provides an integrated Microsoft 365 reporting, management, and monitoring service for clients’ 365 instances.   By partnering with Insentra’s Enhanced Support Team, you can increase operational control and visibility into your environment while removing the heavy burden of IT through sophisticated automation, delegation, and policy control all in one interface.

IT Admins are looking to reduce the administrative burden of managing a Microsoft 365 tenant. The service offering relieves tenant Global Administrators of their day to day operations, letting them target more important responsibilities, like managing changes on the tenant and securing the environment. End-user satisfaction is increased by bringing activities closer to users. Insentra uses the Nova platform to deliver this visibility of workload availability. IT Admins will easily see if services are available or if there was previous downtime and determine whether Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met.

Insentra partners with Quadrotech in offering Nova with the following services:

Delegation and Policy Control

Nova Delegation and Policy Control (DPC) allows administrators to authorize others with specific delegated administrative rights. As an administrator, you can grant managers the ability to manage certain attributes and/or rights of their members without granting them any additional rights on-premises or in the cloud. As a Microsoft 365 engineer I can grant users the ability to manage their information (i.e. phone number, address, etc.) removing the need to contact their service desk to do it for them. This feature makes Nova highly customizable, allowing administrators to specify exactly which access rights anyone within an organization needs to have. If there are common tasks users log regularly, we can orchestrate these functions for repeatability and consistency.

I have found the following four features of great value to the Microsoft 365 admins I assist:

Security and Audit

Security and Audit helps admins perform investigations and identify compromised accounts quickly from one centralized platform. This is done via exception reporting. Reports include multi-factor authentication, restrictions on email forwarding, password strength and change frequency.

Service Monitoring

Nova Service Health gives admins access to historical and real-time monitoring data. They can easily see what is broken now, what broke and when it broke in the past, as well as when it came back online. It also provides a historical record of latency, uptime and more!

Adoption Accelerator

Nova Adoption Accelerator allows admins to define adoption goals and track progress against them. This feature offers significant help to a successful implementation of Microsoft 365. It offers insight on who is using the services allowing an administrator to anticipate any user adoption issues and plan for them. Admins can easily define goals for how many times they want users to perform specific actions during the collection period. This will help in knowing if users are acclimated to using the services and achieve business goals.


Nova Report Center contains built-in reports which are collected every 24 hours, or once the information is available from Microsoft. The platform also allows admins to create their own reports, this is ideal for organizations with custom reporting needs which cannot be fulfilled by the standard reports available. You can specify how you want the report to look, what data will contain, or how to display it. You can choose to add graphs, tables, maps and more. It also allows you to select the types of data (data sources) the report will display. You can also any apply filters you want against the data sources. These reports can be saved, scheduled, and shared. You can clone reports and edit the copy or upload report (JSON files).

All of these services, plus a multi-tenant management capability allows us to manage multiple tenants in one platform securely. This means one account for all tenants – no more multiple logins credentials to remember! If you are interested in how Insentra’s Managed Service for 365 – powered by Nova, can help you manage your Microsoft 365 tenant more effectively, please get in touch.


United States | Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

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United States | Nova – Total Microsoft 365 Management

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