United States | Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

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Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

United States | Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

2020 is well underway and here’s to a good one for all. I’ve spent a fair bit of time reflecting on 2019 and it was quite a year for our Managed Services crew. We continued to build on our service offerings, we bolstered our operations with next-level automation and improved integration, and we grew our team across all corners of the globe. We strive to continually improve our services and fill gaps where there’s a need – providing clear value add for our partners and their clients. This is exactly what we did with our Azure managed services which ultimately led to the development of ‘Managed Azure & Analytics’.

With an increasing number of organizations moving workloads to public cloud there is an ever-growing demand for support in the operation and management of the platform and associated services. With Managed Azure & Analytics, our global team of experienced engineers and consultants fully manage the Azure platform, acting as a 2nd and 3rd line capacity to your IT team. Our team are responsible for incident and request triage as well as the investigation of problem management cases  – we manage this by adhering to a strict service management discipline to provide stability and continuous improvement to your Azure environment.

Our services include:

IaaS Monitoring

We monitor, administer and manage your Azure infrastructure to ensure availability and health in accordance with the SLA

Advisory Services

Our Managed Services consulting team continually review your Azure resources to optimize for high availability and performance ensuring it’s within Microsoft best practice and meets your business requirements

Optimization & Cost Management

We perform ongoing analysis of logs, metrics and recommendations. This ensures optimal performance and early detection of unused and oversized resources contributing cloud spend waste

Security and Compliance Posture

Security is a Board level concern and it’s critical to the continuity of the business. Our Managed Services consulting team highlight compliance challenges, threat detection and perimeter violations to minimise the risk of any compromise

Dashboards & Insights

Our customisable dashboards provide a detailed insight to your Azure tenant ensuring that availability, service quality, costs and security posture are where you need them to be:

United States | Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

Monitoring & Reporting

Having robust monitoring and reporting capabilities are critical pieces to ensure a successful, healthy and secure deployment. Two key drivers for the development of our Manage Azure & Analytics service were to provide deep insights into cost tracking and trending to ensure the consumption was within budget, whilst providing optimal service to end-users utilising the cloud platform. We take user experience very seriously and put it at the center of everything we do, we showcase this across our UXaaS (User Experience as a Service) offering which our Global Head of Managed Services Sales, Gary Cohen recently wrote about.

Security is the 2nd key driver and is a massive focus of our Managed Azure & Analytics service. With security incidents on the rise, we understand it’s a high priority for our partners and clients to remain compliant and have confidence that their infrastructure and servers are patched, locked down and within best practices at all times.

During our initial onboarding phase, we identify and report on any existing issues across security, cost, availability and usage. We continue to track and resolve these throughout the service life cycle and we have the ability to ‘Snapback’ to any point in time from the service inception. Not to be confused with ‘Snapshot’, the Snapback function provides us with a view of the configuration, alerts and warnings at a certain point in time – this allows us to track progress as we continually improve the environment. We can also leverage this feature for forensic analysis in response to incidents which require historical changelog:

United States | Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

Managed Azure & Analytics brings a raft of other benefits to your cloud operations helping you achieve:

  • Improved stability and efficiency
  • Increase in user productivity
  • Reduced cost and risk
  • Business agility
  • Security and compliance

Managed Azure & Analytics at a glance…

  • 24×7 365 days per year global support (True, follow the sun support)
  • Access to dashboards and insights (Customisable)
  • Automated monthly reporting and service management
  • Quarterly health checks carried out and delivered by a consultant
  • Monitoring & Alerting for IaaS, Changes, Cost, Utilisation & Security 

I’ve provided an overview of our Managed Azure & Analytics service in this article but I’ve only scratched the surface. If you would like to know more about our services, get in touch so we can schedule a demo and better understand how we can help. We have many service levels that can be further customized to your needs.


United States | Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

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United States | Managed Azure and Analytics – Simplifying your cloud operations

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