United States | Effectively Manage & Improve User Experience with Insentra’s UXaaS

Gary Cohen - 04.02.2020

Effectively Manage & Improve User Experience with Insentra’s UXaaS

United States | Effectively Manage & Improve User Experience with Insentra’s UXaaS

Have your users stopped complaining and logging calls? Are they just used to waiting for applications to launch and to respond to their commands? Are they used to having a coffee break when their virtual apps or desktop are unavailable?

Citrix the enabler

Citrix gives your users access to applications and desktops as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) apps. It’s critical for organisations to deliver a positive and productive user experience. This relies on being able to troubleshoot a potentially complex infrastructure and rapidly identify root causes for performance issues.  

Citrix merge applications, content, and devices securely with access to client apps, desktops, and data. Citrix solutions can be highly complex and customisable, and companies have the choice to combine on-prem and cloud solutions together. This flexibility can present challenges when it comes to diagnosing performance issues for highly distributed services.

Citrix deployments can have a number of dependent service components to deliver the end-user experience. Small issues can quickly escalate causing degraded performance, slow login times and a loss of productivity resulting in serious business impact. 

User experience front of mind

Insentra’s User Experience as a Service (UxaaS) is a Managed Service, which combines technology, business and sophisticated analysis to enable detailed monitoring of the user experience across the environment as well as proactive solving of system issues. UXaaS delivers deep insights into all end-user computing infrastructure and end-point components which are utilised by users during their business activities and will allow for performance tuning of the environment to provide the highest quality service.

Designed and built for Citrix platforms, UxaaS offers total performance management, including end-to-end monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting. UxaaS provides complete performance visibility for Citrix and its dependent infrastructure.  

Better visibility into your environment

The UXaaS provides a looking glass into the overall health of your environment along with historical and real-time reporting on the top issues impacting your user experience.  As part of the service, the metrics detailing the user experience are captured and allow for detailed trend analysis into user productivity and outlines the impact to the business. This will allow for proactive remediation to be undertaken before an issue becomes business-critical.

Based on our proactive monitoring and maintenance services, UxaaS deliver deep insights into the user sessions, virtual and physical desktops, session hosts, application servers and all end-user computing infrastructure components. The service also provides complete ‘end-to-end’ visibility to ensure a productive computing environment continues to operate optimally at all times.

Service Levels apply across the UXaaS solution, moving from a reporting only service, through an additional monitoring and reporting level, to a proactive engagement which includes user experience testing with a focus on User Experience Level Agreements (UXLA’s).

These performance management challenges can become even more pronounced when organizations host some parts of Citrix infrastructure in the cloud. Problems in the cloud control plane or a Cloud Connector issue in the resource plane can affect session access and user experience. In hybrid cloud environments, it is imperative to get performance visibility across all of the tiers involved. As a purpose-built monitoring solution for Citrix environments, UXaaS provides end-to-end visibility of all components in the Citrix delivery infrastructure. Developed from years of experience working with many of the largest Citrix technology deployments, UXaaS embeds domain expertise to collect and report the most critical performance metrics from all the Citrix tiers. Parameters are automatically correlated across the environment, isolating root causes for quick problem triage. The result is rapid resolution to end-user performance complaints, helping to deliver a cohesive user experience.


UXaaS monitors the entire Citrix application delivery infrastructure from a single pane of glass, including the network, storage, virtualization, and the back-end application tiers.

There are a number of thresholds which can be configured and managed to monitor performance. This requires deep technical expertise. The tools used as part of the UxaaS auto-baselines all the metrics it collects. By analyzing historical data, it automatically determines time-varying thresholds. Multiple threshold levels are supported to allow problem escalation. Alerts trigger when deviations from the norm occur, so administrators are proactively notified before problems escalate and impact user experience.

UXaaS provides customized dashboards for different requirements in the organization. Aggregated metrics provide enterprise-wide perspectives of IT demand, quality, and utilisation.

UXaaS combines end-to-end performance visibility across every layer of the Citrix environment. End users benefit from a productive environment. UXaaS can pinpoint performance issues across all Citrix platforms reducing time to resolution of performance issues. UXaaS also proactively detects and helps resolves performance issues which can impact user experience. Weather you have an underlying performance issue that your team has not been able to get on top of or you want to be a step ahead of your end-users, the Insentra UXaaS can provide you the visibility and insights you need to make informed business decisions. 


United States | Effectively Manage & Improve User Experience with Insentra’s UXaaS

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United States | Effectively Manage & Improve User Experience with Insentra’s UXaaS

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