Simon Altit

EMEA Director + Practice Manager for Global Migrations

Key Insight - Responsible for growing the EMEA business
Simon is an experienced technologist and business leader known for challenging the status quo of any belief, process, or approach. Constantly driving his crew members’ professional growth and teamwork, he believes the magic is in the thought processes invoked by these discussions and audaciously provokes them.​Simon began his career working closely with several Tier 1 software solutions focused on file system analysis: de-duplication, archiving and backup specifically. Specializing in collaboration and archival technologies along with the advent and maturity of the cloud, placed him in a prime position to provide expert guidance in the cloud migration space. As a result, he has an amazing ability to assist our partners and customers by communicating extremely complex concepts associated with cloud migration initiatives in both technical and non-technical terms- effectively adding tremendous value to all parties involved.​Today, Simon has a dual role within Insentra; he serves as the Director of the EMEA business as well as the Practice Manager of the Global Migrations team. As Director of EMEA, he is responsible for growing the EMEA business primarily focused around three offerings: Modern Workplace, Cloud and Managed Services. As Solutions Manager of the Global Migrations team, he is responsible for the leadership of the migration consultants, pre-sales, technical oversight of projects and to ensure that the team is adequately trained and skilled to deliver upon our client’s ever-changing requirements.​