United States | Rimo3, the Next Best Thing for Automating Application Testing

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Rimo3, the Next Best Thing for Automating Application Testing

United States | Rimo3, the Next Best Thing for Automating Application Testing

If you asked me a week ago what Rimo3 was, I probably would have said it was some sort of food brand. Boy was I wrong. For everyone who doesn’t know or has never heard of Rimo3, they help partners transform, move and manage their clients’ cloud environments at scale with automation. Let me break it down for you.

In simple terms, Rimo3 can:

  1. Test application compatibility when re-platforming e.g., to Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix on Cloud or Intune application deployment using modern packaging like MSIX
  2. Simultaneously do the above and understand application performance and functionality
  3. Before installing an update into your environment check post-deployment performance and measure this against a baseline


Rimo3 has created an automated testing platform which focuses on the application experience. It answers the ‘Can I’, ‘Should I’ and ‘Will it work’ questions of your clients. Remove the manual component of modern application suitability by gaining total compatibility, performance and functionality visibility at scale and be guided on whether an application will work across physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces.

You can also deliver contextually relevant application and operating environment testing to identify any potential failures and remediations paths prior to deployment. Another cool little component is how Rimo3 Enterprise can be integrated with any VMware or Citrix environment to help teams make data-based decisions to ensure applications are delivered without impact to users.

Eliminate the complexity of modern applications for painless and quick onboarding to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) (formally Windows Virtual Desktop or WVD). Use smart testing to understand the package pre-conversion, convert the application, test the MSIX package post-conversion – if it fails, apply automatic remediation. Compared with other traditional tools (including Microsoft’s own conversion tools), Rimo3’s success rate is almost double.

Deploy fully tested quality software packages with complete confidence. Then post-deployment, continually test your applications against monthly Cumulative Updates and newer Windows versions as they are released, in your VDI environment – Azure Virtual Desktop, VMware Workspace ONE, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Amazon Workspaces, etc.


I’m going to use the overused line, ‘now more than ever’ do organizations understand the full protentional of remote work, but it’s more than this. Organizations and leaders need to understand the importance of employee experience, especially during the times where you can’t use tangible items, such as a bowl of Minties or the front desk, to create favourable experiences.

Help customers modernise and move to Azure Virtual Desktop faster and manage regular updates in their desktop workspaces by incorporating the Rimo3 value-add application platform to your service offering.

Offer more than expected: Utilise application modernisation services to simplify the conversion process and help manage the effective deployment of AVD, creating an end-user computing experience unlike anyone else on the market.

Increase your profits: Pack Rimo3’s application modernisation technology into your service products to drive sales growth, provide your clients with the most value and help you drive successful Microsoft Azure practices.

Drive demand: When you invest in the right solution, not only can you scale more easily, but you can also grow faster. By improving and transforming existing services/processes from “responding to changes” to “embrace changes”, Rimo3 will help your business quickly modernise and manage applications in AVD. Giving your team more flexibility in delivery and more opportunities to get new benefits from Microsoft.

In summary, Rimo3 helps business modernise and manage applications for Azure Virtual Desktop. It removes the complexity with modern application delivery and management using a fully automated platform, Rimo3 Cloud. As a business, you can be provided with accurate, data-driven results which can improve applicability, conversion, management and more.

Find out what Rimo3 does in more detail here.


United States | Rimo3, the Next Best Thing for Automating Application Testing

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United States | Rimo3, the Next Best Thing for Automating Application Testing

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