Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Migrate from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another with Insentra's proven methodology for tenant migrations.

Over many migrations Insentra have developed a robust approach to the migration of Microsoft 365 data as well as the surrounding infrastructure.

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Why You May Need Tenant to Tenant Migration

Tenant migrations arise from a variety of business scenarios, the main ones being: Mergers or acquisitions, Divestitures, Geographical relocations, Tenant name changes.

In these scenarios where the business is already established in Microsoft 365, a tenant to tenant migration (and other migrations) may be required. These migrations can be complex and involve many moving parts with identity needing the most consideration.

Our Approach

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Our Approach

We take a holistic view of the migration which can include many parts of a business, including on-premises infrastructure and data ownership.

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Migration = Improvement

We don’t just lift and shift, we provide improvements to your infrastructure at the same time as we migrate such as implementing better governance or security.

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

User Experience

Tenant migrations are complex beasts and have many moving parts. Where we can, we will minimise impact and disruption for users as much as possible.

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Change Management

There is a lot going on in a tenant migration, we help by providing our experience as inputs to the changes you need to manage.

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

What We Deliver

Our methodology ensures we deliver the right service the first time. We begin with business workshops to understand complex business requirements and an assessment of your tenant and infrastructure so we can ensure a fit for purpose migration, delivered by certified consultants and project managers. We will deliver everything required including:

  • Migration Plan
  • Detailed assessment of the environment
  • End to end migration of Identity, Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and more
  • Optionally migrate on-premises servers, Active Directory, file shares and other services as required
  • Automation of tasks and processes where possible to streamline the migration
  • Guidance around best practice for tenant migrations and inputs into your change management process
  • Optionally manage your Microsoft 365 environment after you migrate and streamline your support and management of the environment


  • Migration Assessment 
  • Tenant to Tenant Migration 
  • Enhanced 365 Managed Services
  • Backup for Microsoft 365 
Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Learn More About the Tenant to Tenant Migration Process

Read our blog and understand what the steps look like for an organisation facing a Tenant to Tenant migration.

Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Frequently Asked Questions

A tenant to tenant migration is simply when you have users’ identity, services and data in one Microsoft 365 tenant, and you need to move it to another one.

The common ones are Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (MAD), where businesses are combining, or a part of one business is leaving another, e.g. being spun off or sold off.

Another scenario is geo relocation, where businesses need to move their tenants for data residency purposes, or they are moving their headquarters overseas.

You can’t change the tenant name once you’re in Microsoft 365. If you’ve adopted lots of services and you change your business name it can become a problem when you’re sharing links externally. Recipients become confused or mistake the different name for a phishing link email because the tenant name doesn’t resemble what they are expecting, raising suspicions.

Organisations have several options, especially in terms of collaboration features. You can set up guest accounts between two companies which are merging for simpler sharing of information. Or, you can invite collaborators to SharePoint sites, Teams, Yammer groups etc. There is also the ability to share calendars between exchange organisations.

With regards to divestitures or splitting of companies there are scenarios where organisations can operate individually within tenants by leveraging administrative units to separate the administrative function between two groups of users or two businesses. Alternatively, information walls, or information barriers can be set up between environments to restrict and manage information sharing should the businesses need this for regulatory requirements.

Finally, the ability to set up geo tenant licensing and move mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint sites into the correct location they need to be for data residency (GDPR) purposes is available for organisations conducting a geo relocation.

The technical considerations are driven by what the desired end state is from the migration.

  • The major one is identity – identity is the backbone by which all aspects of a migration are underpinned. Identity controls access, permissions, governance, security and will undoubtedly be integrated into your wider projects. Done wrong, identity can have far-reaching implications to a project and the business, making it our top consideration
  • Time constraints – in MAD for example, there may be legal obligations dictating the project timeline and how long the migration can take
  • Data governance – who has access to what? What are we migrating in and what are we migrating out? The data regulations and the set-up of the tenant the users are migrating into must all be established at the start

Number one is change management. Ensuring user experience remains front of mind, from the physical migration of their mailbox and how their applications are integrated to the processes used and the communication plan followed. We cover this comprehensively during the planning phase of the migration, leveraging power user interviews, workshops and surveys to gauge what the business impact of the migration project will be.

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Australia|Tenant to Tenant Migrations

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