Tired of reading? Sit back, relax and watch our video’s instead! From “Insentra Insights” to “The Late Night Brew”, there’s something for everyone

Fast Facts - Basic Authentication + Outlook Mobile


In this Fast Facts video, Hambik explores what basic authentication is, the difference between basic authentication and modern authentication, outlook mobile and how to tie it into your overall security posture within your tenancy.

Brew with the Crew - Managed Azure & Analytics


Want to learn more about Managed Azure + Analytics? In this episode, Matt Kaplan (MS Director) and Gary Cohen (Global Head of Citrix Sales) explores what this service is, how it is costed, and how you can get involved!

The Late Night Brew - Managed Azure & Analytics


Robert Buktenica and John Gallacher deep dive into the specifics of Insentra's Managed Azure & Analytics service, why it's important and the scenario's and considerations to take into account.

Brew with the Crew - Information Security (Torsion)


It only takes one file containing sensitive information to get into the hands of the wrong person. In this episode, Hugh and Lee discuss the importance of data protection/security and understanding 'who has access to what and why', and the role Torsion has to play in this arena.

New FastTrack Workloads - FastTrack Update


From meeting room device integration and moving voice services to Teams, to Microsoft Defender ATP and MIP, Hambik explores all of the new workloads introduced to the FastTrack program that you should know about!

The Late Night Brew - Identity + Security


In this episode of The Late Night Brew, Robert Buktenica (Consultant) and Edmund Davis (Cloud Solution Architect) explore the importance of identity and security within Microsoft 365, and some considerations when exploring options for your business.

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