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The Art of Advisory Services

Businesses are altering and modernizing how they are using technology to drive profitable growth and client success, unfortunately far too many businesses build their technology strategies…

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Ansible Tower in Google Cloud Platform

This blog will guide you through how to install Ansible in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). If you are not familiar with Ansible yet you may want to start with my previous blog Ansible – My New Found Friend for a bit of a primer.

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What is Azure Active Directory?

Azure AD is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) service. While sharing common technology with Active Directory Domain Services, Microsoft’s on-premises LDAP service and Azure Active Directory Domain Services, which provides Azure based managed domain services, Azure AD is designed to provide services which meet a different need.

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Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Insights provides continuous, in-depth analysis of registered Red Hat-based systems to proactively identify threats to security, performance and stability across physical, virtual and

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