Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Understanding Business Intelligence challenges

Unlock the full potential of Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Microsoft Power BI & Tableau to gain deeper insights, make better decisions, and drive business growth

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”
– W. Edwards Deming.

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Without data you are just another person with an opinion

In today’s world, organisations face a challenge of not being able to fully leverage their data to make critical business decisions and navigate uncertain economic conditions. The sheer volume of data generated, combined with a lack of knowledge of how to utilise it in the most effective way, limits the ability to tap into its potential and generate powerful insights.

To drive true insights, organisations need to combine their data with analytics. A combination of data, analytics, and the necessary data skills enables organisations to maximise their technology investments and uncover opportunities that drive business strategy and strengthen customer trust.

Here are some statistics highlighting the importance of data-driven insights and decision-making.

Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services

more likely to succeed are companies with CEOs that make data-driven decisions

– Deloitte

Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services

businesses using business intelligence are five times more likely to reach faster decisions than those that do not.

– Better Buys

Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services

of business leaders say data is critical in decision-making, 41% cite a lack of understanding of data because it is too complex or note accessible enough

– Untapped Data Research Study

Data-driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable

– McKinsey Global Institute


Insentra BI Consulting Approach

At Insentra, we provide strategic, tactical, and operational consulting services for BI.
Developing a BI strategy starts with ensuring your organisation’s business need is understood. From there, a strategy is mapped out to drive effective adoption and cultural change. Insentra can review, develop, and help you achieve your strategy with BI strategy by firstly understanding your current maturity level. Once the baseline is established, Insentra can help with defining a path and a comprehensive plan to achieving your business intelligence goals. Adoption Roadmap: Understand your starting point with maturity assessments and education. Design: Determine your destination with a comprehensive plan to achieve your BI goals. Implement: Work alongside our team to implement your BI strategy and increase your maturity.
Australia|Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Insentra has developed tools and techniques enabling report creation to be more efficient and easier. By simplifying the report building process, adding automation, and standardising reporting formats, we can dramatically reduce development time, which leads to improved reporting. We achieve this through the following ways:

Hybrid Agile Delivery: Insentra’s hybrid agile methodology combines the flexibility of agile with the stability of traditional project management to drive and manage iterative delivery

Branding: We help create customised themes and style sheers which adhere to your organisation’s unique branding and keeping the reporting look and feel consistent

Templates: Pre-built, standardised reporting solutions for specific business requirements save time and effort.

Australia|Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Successful implementation of your BI strategy will require your team to have the knowledge and skill to effectively leverage BI to gain insights and drive business decisions. Enablement: At Insentra, we operate a look, learn, do philosophy through co-development and project delivery to help organisations gain BI knowledge and skill as we progress through a program of work together. Co-Development: Fast track your BI learning journey with subject matter experts, saving time and effort on report development while getting a master class in best practices. POV Reports: We have experience in creating proof of value reports across various industries and functions to demonstrate the value of Power BI and kick-start your BI journey.
Australia|Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Why Choose Insentra for BI consulting services

Discover the benefits of choosing Insentra for your BI consulting needs:
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Experience: Our team has more than 7+ years of Power BI and Tableau experience, providing expertise in building powerful reports, dashboard design, data modelling, and more.
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Business-focused Approach: Our consultants have a unique background in business, not just IT. We approach data from a different perspective, leveraging our experience in international business, human resources, accounting, and finance.
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Customised Solutions: We design customised BI solutions to meet specific business needs.

Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services
End-to-End Support: We provide end-to-end support from strategy development to implementation and beyond.
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Hybrid Agile Methodology: Our unique hybrid agile approach ensures better reports, increased efficiency, and improved stakeholder satisfaction.
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Strategic Planning: We work with you to develop a Power BI strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives, ensuring that you are leveraging the platform effectively.


BI consulting is a service that helps organisations develop, implement, and optimise BI reporting platforms and dashboards to gain valuable business insights from their data.
The benefits of BI consulting include increased efficiency in report creation, accurate insights to drive data-driven decision making, robust reporting capabilities, improved stakeholder satisfaction, and ultimately, better business decisions.
The Insentra approach to BI consulting is three-fold: strategic, tactical, and operational. The strategic approach involves developing a BI strategy aligned with the organisation’s business goals and objectives. The tactical approach focuses on simplifying the report building process, adding automation, and standardising reporting formats. The operational approach provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the BI solution remains effective and efficient.
Insentra has over 7 years of experience with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau and has worked with clients across various industries to implement successful BI solutions.
Insentra’s BI consulting services are unique in that they combine years Power BI and Tableau expertise with a business-focused approach. Insentra BI consultants have a deep understanding of both BI and strategy, allowing them to develop customised solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.
Any organisation that collects and manages data can benefit from BI consulting. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, BI consulting can help you turn your data into valuable insights to make better business decisions.
The timeline for implementing a BI solution with Insentra can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the organisation’s specific needs. However, Insentra’s experienced consultants work efficiently to deliver solutions within a reasonable timeframe.
You can get started with Insentra’s BI consulting services by contacting us through our website. Our consultants will work with you to understand your specific needs and develop a customised solution that meets your business goals.
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Australia | Business Intelligence Consulting Services

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Australia|Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Insentra ISO 27001:2013 Certification

SYDNEY, WEDNESDAY 20TH APRIL 2022 – We are proud to announce that Insentra has achieved the  ISO 27001 Certification.