Information Protection

Large businesses use over 1,200 cloud services on average. Do you truly believe you have protected access to critical data and your business Intellectual property?

Protecting access to critical data and intellectual property isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must.

How We Can Help

Working with your chosen partner, we can reduce the risks associated with information loss or breach. We do this by extending the capabilities of a secure source of identity and risk based conditional access into information governance.

Once an individual is authenticated, policies control how information is interacted with and ensure secure control and content management appropriate to your business. You can protect your data on matter where it resides.

Our Information Protection services include:

  • Azure Active Directory (P1/P2)
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Office 365 Information Protection
  • Windows Information Protection
  • ShadowIT (CASB)
  1. Increased security
    Extend the power of secure identity ensuring users can only access information to which they are entitled. Reduce the potential for accidental data leakage or misuse leveraging a zero trust, validated identity.
  2. Increase productivity and collaboration
    Safely share data and collaborate with others - inside and outside your business. Define who can access data and what they can do with it.
  3. Protection across on-premises and cloud entities
    With the increased use of cloud-based applications, control over the information highway and where assets reside is critical. Working with your chosen partner, Insentra can help with information governance and access policies which result in the reduction of risks associated with information being shared to untrusted or insecure locations.