Windows Virtual Desktop

Deploy a flexible and reliable virtual desktop environment with our proven methodology

WVD is a virtual desktop environment running entirely in the cloud. It offers a cost-effective solution for remote desktop and application services.



React quickly to demand and changes in circumstances such as seasonality

Remote working

Enable access to apps and resources for remote workers in a secure manner


Managing where data is stored is easier to enforce when the desktop doesn’t leave the corporate network

Application Performance and Compatibility

WVD puts applications close to back-end databases for performance

What we deliver

Our methodology ensures we deliver the right service the first time. We begin with an assessment of your overall requirements and infrastructure so we can ensure a fit for purpose deployment, delivered by certified consultants and project managers. We will deliver everything required including:

  • Images for Windows 10 Enterprise single session and multi-session VMs, including Microsoft Office 365 desktop apps, Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft FSLogix profile management
  • Storage, security and networking requirements
  • Windows VM update management
  • VM auto-scaling and power management for cost-saving
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What you need

WVD requires just three things to get underway quickly and easily:

  • Microsoft 365 or Windows 10 Enterprise licensing
  • Your on-premises Active Directory identity extended into Azure AD
  • A Microsoft Azure subscription

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