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Hugh Roberts - 17.01.2020

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Welcome to Modern Virtual

After a raft of recent announcements by Microsoft and other vendors surrounding, WVD GA, Endpoint Manager, App Attach, Citrix Managed Desktop, the iGEL partnership and more – I, and I am sure many others are keen to understand what it all means for businesses with existing virtual infrastructure or who are considering virtual infrastructure for the first time. In this blog, I’ll get to the core of what these announcements mean in the context of some real world scenarios.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) brings a new concept for Windows 10 – multi-session native access. Previously, if someone else connected to your Windows 10 VDI, you would be kicked off – no longer. In addition, it brings a new access plane, management infrastructure and incorporates other recent announcements like FSLogix natively so the user experience is what you would expect from a Windows local device.

Two things that really stand out during this time of change for myself and Insentra are flexibility and simplicity.


Flexibility is at the core of the value WVD and Modern Virtual offers. The ability to scale up new environments, transform old ones and map multiple different personas and scenarios to different solutions is extremely powerful.


Simplicity in this context means deployment, management and scaling (up and down!) are easier so, less to worry about in terms of costs. Other amazing benefits are single pane of glass view from endpoint manager, FSLogix integration for hassle-free deployment and simple cloud ready security principals like desktop hardening built and ready for you.

Now I am going to take 2 scenarios and give you some real word examples of were daring to be different can save money and allow businesses to be flexible to internal requirements.

Scenario 1 – Mixed environment, aging hardware:

Firstly I have to spell out exactly why Microsoft announced their partnership with iGEL, specifying them as the preferred partner for WVD endpoint connectivity. iGEL helps the flexibility argument – take your current mixed thin, Win7, 8, 10 environments with aging hardware and do this:

1. Go through scenario and persona analysis, define who needs what – we have task or office workers who may be best with virtual, knowledge and power workers who may want a physical device and VIP’s with a white glove experience (there is a blog coming on this soon!)

2. Spin up the required WVD infrastructure (including required Win7 endpoints and a full DR solution at the ready!)

a. Manage it with Endpoint Manager
b. Attach appx on a per-user basis using app-attach
c. Secure with security baseline policies
d. Manage profiles with FSLogix
e. Add user experience monitoring and load testing where appropriate

3. Replace Windows or thin operating systems on the endpoint with iGEL to secure and extend the life, and simplify management

4. When your endpoints hardware finally dies – replace it with a… raspberry PI 4? Maybe not (but actually, maybe why not?) and transfer your iGEL license to the new endpoint

5. You’re done!

Scenario 2 – The ad-hoc requirement (seasonality, external audits, M&A, access to a specific app, etc.)

Historically, adapting to challenging or temporary requirements for endpoint infrastructure could have been costly capex or large-scale projects to adapt environments to the requirements.

Modern Virtual now allows you to adapt quickly and using established cloud infrastructure to scale up, down and sideways! Many of the scenarios where previously there would be technical blockers are now possible.

A simple example here is a merger or acquisition where you need to provide access to your environment temporarily for an audit or access to a certain application, but not to the main environment. The environment can be set up in a way that adapting to this requirement is a temporary licensing and Azure consumption cost rather than new infrastructure, large projects or logistical on-site requirements.

The next steps are simple – take a look at your current estate, future requirements and where you may have had pain adapting before. Send them through to us and we can have a discussion about how Modern Virtual could help you.


Australia | Modern Virtual

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Australia | Modern Virtual

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