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We are living in a new world and it seems like it won’t be changing in a hurry. We are now in a new normal with many of us working from home. This month we explore the ways we can help your organisation make the transition to remote working seamless and successful including a Citrix readiness plan, Nulia for Office 365 digital enablement, Windows Virtual Desktop FastStart, IGEL UD Pocket for ease of remote access and our Vibe Managers top 5 HR tips for remote workers.

Firstly, some happy news. On April 1st, Insentra turned 10 and, on behalf of all the crew at Insentra, I want to sincerely thank our Partners and your clients for the continued support and trust in our business to deliver on our promise of service excellence in our Partner Obsessed business model. I reflected on the things I am grateful for over the past 10 years which you read here.

Our new normal has created heightened pressure to provide solutions to expand, maintain, improve and/or optimise remote working capabilities. To assist your organisation to take action, we have created a questionnaire with our Top 10 Considerations for Remote Working Readiness study.

For organisations who already leverage Citrix, there are several options available to scale quickly, whilst removing some complexity and management overheads. Read Gary Cohen’s article where he talks through the options to solidify your remote working readiness plan with Citrix.

In last month’s Insentragram, I mentioned our newest Partner – Nulia – a unique digital enablement platform for Office 365.  With so many companies rapidly rolling out Microsoft Teams, the need to enable their workforce to leverage the platform has driven incredible interest in Nulia. Hot off the press… businesses who are availing themselves of the Microsoft Teams E1 6-month trial license can access Nulia Starter Edition - “Working from Home with Teams” free for 6 months too! Click here to find out more or get in contact to see how you can get started.

Having a fast, secure, reliable and scalable remote desktop solution has become a requirement. To help organisations get started we have released our Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Fast Start offering for our Partners and their clients. This service is intended to establish a Windows Virtual Desktop environment in days, ensuring rich applications can be easily accessed by remote workers. If you are considering a WVD approach, don’t miss out on Aaron Parker’s top lessons in deploying WVD.

We are seeing organisations struggle to access laptops for remote workers where security of the remote device is of concern. The IGEL UD Pocket is the perfect solution, enabling users to simply plug in a USB key to their home machine, turning it into a secure thin client which can be remotely managed and configured. Find out more here.

The HR department of any organisation has a crucial role in ensuring employees not only adopt the new working environment as swiftly as possible, but also maintain company culture and individual wellbeing. Insentra’s Vibe Associate Rebecca has prepared her top 5 HR tips for supporting your crew remotely.

Until next month, stay safe and enjoy your Easter :)

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Are you prepared…for the unknown?

With the world in a health crisis, is your organisation and employees ready to work remotely for weeks or months at a time? Download our Top 10 IT Considerations for Remote Working Readiness questionnaire, to help your business take action.

Gary Cohen Citrix Remote Readiness 26.03.20

A plan for remote readiness

In Gary’s article, he discusses the three key options for organisations with a Citrix solution to scale quickly, whilst removing some complexity and management overhead.

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Are your team treating Microsoft Office 365 like a chat and file share platform?

It’s likely your users don’t know how to effectively use the tools available to them. Nulia will help to measure, educate and reward your users, allowing them to work from home with confidence!

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A Fast Start for your remote workforce

Read Aaron's article to learn about his top 5 lessons for deploying WVD!

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A remote worker's best friend

The IGEL UD Pocket is making working from home easy! Simply plug the USB key into a computer, launch and away you go...

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Top 5 Tips for HR

HR have an important role to play during this mass movement towards remote working. In Rebecca’s blog, she explores her top 5 ways that HR can support these changes.

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