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Kickstart your path to remote working mastery

Rolled out Microsoft Teams to your users but are now inundated with support requests for help using it? 

Or, has productivity fallen while your users learn how to effectively and efficiently do their jobs from home? 

Nulia Works can help. The pioneering digital productivity and enablement solution is designed to get users using Microsoft 365. And if, in the wake of Covid-19 and these unique circumstances we find ourselves in your organisation has leveraged the Microsoft Teams E1 licensing then you can access Nulias ‘Work From Home Starter Edition’ free for 6 months. *T&Cs apply

Nulia Works has partnered with Microsoft to make your work from home life easier

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Nulia Works – Making Microsoft Teams work for you and your users, from home.

The Work From Home Starter Edition integrates seamlessly with your current Microsoft licenses, and will get users using Teams quickly and confidently. This Starter Edition includes the Working from Home with Teams Outcome which is specifically designed to help end users and organisations succeed during these unique circumstances. Built around the core communication and collaboration functionalities found in Microsoft Teams, users can stay connected to their coworkers and projects from anywhere. 

It’s all about getting users using Microsoft 365

The Nulia Works platform drives a continuous system of measurement, personalisation, and engagement to guide users to attain, maintain, and use digital productivity skills. Nulia Works is built around Outcomes, which are sets of Skills designed to meet a business goal. By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, the platform meets each user where they are, with what they need, even at home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nulia Works is a digital enablement platform which measures how users are using Microsoft 365 and offers personalised learnings to help the user with their digital maturity. This also gives organisations insight on how Microsoft 365 is being used, providing the opportunity for management to assign targeted learnings for user groups. Nulia Works will then monitor for changes in behaviour in the users to make sure that those learnings provide have had a positive effect.

Nulia Works analyses the information already stored by Microsoft within the Graph and with built-in Machine Learning and AI it can rank the digital maturity of users. By leveraging the Graph API, Nulia Works can look at historical usage by users which allows the platform to recommend learnings to improve the user’s capabilities and it is also able to report back when a user’s change in behaviour shows they are no longer using a feature or function within Microsoft 365. 

Nulia has tenants in Azure Datacentres across the US, AU and EU and depending on where the customer is located, Nulia can provision a tenant to the appropriate geo. Where there is a requirement, Nulia can set up a private collector for customers to ensure the data is stored within the customer’s very own Azure tenant. 

With many changes being introduced by Microsoft, the benefit of Nulia being an evergreen platform is that they aim to keep on top of all major changes by updating their contents. So, when there is a major change; something like ‘Together Mode’ in Teams for example, Nulia will roll out updated content to make users aware of the new feature of functions. 

Users can access the learning information in various formats such as step-by-step guides, video, infographics through either the Nulia Works web portal or a Teams integrated app. Once they have had a chance to explore the information, they can easily try the feature and function by pressing  ‘Try It’ which takes the user straight into the application to try their new learning. 

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