DCS: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Thunder crashes ahead as you drive down your street in the pouring rain. You pull your brand new Bugatti into your driveway, wind your windows down, get out and leave your driver’s door wide open with the key still in the ignition. You’d expect it to still be there in the morning and in perfect condition right?

Data is your company’s brand new Bugatti or Lamborghini because it’s your most valuable asset. If you don’t have data then you don’t have clients, business stats – or a business.

When any of your data is compromised it can have big implications in every area of your business. You can lose respect, confidence and trust from your clients not to mention potential legal ramifications.

Hackers are continuing to think of backdoors through your security systems which means you need to be alert and aware of software that can save your business from a critical failure.

Symantec’s Data Centre Security: Server Advanced (DCS) formerly known as Critical systems Protection has four main functions that can detect and protect your data.

–     Intrusion prevention: Reduces the attack surface and the risk of a breach by closing unused network ports, stopping unused services and limiting administrator access.

–     Intrusion detection: If an intruder manages to slip past the initial measure then DCS continually monitors logs in order to detect intrusions.

–     Anti-malware Security with DCS: SA Security Virtual Appliance (SVA): SVA is able to provide a mechanism to secure guest virtual machines against malware attack without installing agent software on the guest virtual machine. DCS Anti-malware Security works with VMware.

–     Operations Director is a security orchestration feature of DCS: SA. Operations Director automates and simplifies security provisioning for virtual applications by assessing the security requirements for applications and automatically applying the appropriate security policies. Operations Director automates policy provisioning through orchestration with security point products and the VMware NSX, an industry leading software-defined data center (SDDC) network virtualization and security platform. Operations Director is the software-defined security service for the NSX SDDC platform.

If you’re worried about the integrity and safety of your data get in touch with Insentra today for an assessment and solutions for your data and information security.

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