NetScaler SDWAN: Breathing life into WAN Virtualisation

Citrix NetScaler formerly Citrix Cloudbridge, allows enterprises a comprehensive solution across WAN virtualisation, WAN optimisation and application management.

NetScaler SDWAN is a buzz topic in the industry for a few reasons:

  • It improves performance and optimisation: Lets be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good performance in every aspect of life? So why should your VWAN be any different?
  • It promotes greater accessibility for remote sites: With the improvements Citrix has made, accessing your content remotely at the same speeds as onsite is now a reality
  • It’s cost effective! Cost effective products are great for every business. As NetScaler has greater optimisation and the speeds allow you to access information a lot quicker, you will see your costs reduce over time

So if your users are looking for a better user experience, optimisation, better accessibility and reduced costs then NetScaler SDWAN is a product you should be looking to deploy.

Don’t have the required skills? Insentra has the necessary skills and knowledge within our team to make this solution a reality for your business. Insentra works collaboratively with your business to ensure you have an optimal IT environment.

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