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How well are your users working remotely? Deliver the best VDI user experience

LoginVSI Enterprise Edition is for all organisations using centralised virtual desktop environments to provide productivity and business applications to their end-users to protect VDI performance and availability using a unique combination of Login VSI’s synthetic load-testing and Login PI’s continuity testing capabilities, helping enterprises to design, build and maintain VDI environments that provide an optimal End-User Experience.

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Performance & Availability Testing

Prevent loss of productivity and maintain employee engagement with proactive insights into performance and availability risk.

  • Proactively alert on availability and end-user experience
  • Visualise gradual performance degradation over time
  • Catch problems caused by third-party processes

Application Testing & Compatibility

Avoid expensive and time-consuming testing and ensure applications function properly after changes to desktop images are made.

  • Catch productivity problems early in the change management process
  • Test an array of applications a day
  • Automated testing prevents breaking changes from reaching production systems
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Application & Capacity Load Testing

Using virtual users, Login Enterprise quickly identifies performance issues by measuring and comparing application load times and responsiveness.

  • Maximise application performance with application load testing
  • Right size production environments with capacity load testing
  • Predict impact of changes on capacity of the virtual desktop infrastructure

Login PI

Login PI gives performance insights by simulating real users and real user tasks. The virtual user logs in and launches common applications, recording how long it takes for the tasks to complete. The system then watches for any large discrepancies in the results and can generate alerts based on those discrepancies. For example, if logging on normally takes seconds, but one day takes minutes, Login PI will notify an administrator that something is not working as expected in the environment.

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