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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Zrinka Lovrencic

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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Zrinka Lovrencic

Insentra CEO Ronnie Altit and Great Place to Work Managing Director Zrinka Lovrencic go on The Download to discuss all things people and culture including the trends in workplace culture, what makes a great place to work and why it’s not all about Foosball tables.


[4.38] Why celebrating wins in the IT industry is so important

[15.01] One easy thing you can implement in your business to see an immediate difference in your work culture

[18.50] How is the global landscape changing for workplace culture

[21.17] The 3 lessons Zrinka has learnt personally through growing the business

[26.12] The craziest thing Zrinka has ever eaten


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