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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft Scott Frew

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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft Scott Frew

In episode 11 of The Download, Ronnie Altit, Insentra’s CEO is joined by Scott Frew; entrepreneur, fantastic individual, a mentor and longtime business partner with Nick Verykios, who you could hear at episode 4. Ronnie and Scott will be covering all sorts of very interesting topics around some of Scott’s history and what’s made him successful, what it takes to build and sell multiple distributors, what’s the channel look like n the future. There’s an enormous amount of value to be heard from this podcast. Enjoy the listen.


0.49 – Listen to Scott Frew share a bit about his background and how he got into the industry.
6.04 – Make yourself redundant not because we’re going to make you redundant, but because it allows you to think, “I want to do something else.
6.11 – The reason I’ve been successful is I employ people that are smarter than me.
18.51  – Find out what Scott does with his success and how he enjoys the spoils of his success.
24.48 – Scott Frew recommends a book for someone looking to be an entrepreneur

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