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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Julie Alexander

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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Julie Alexander

In this episode of The Download, Ronnie is joined by Julie Alexander CEO of Changing Change International. Julie is extremely passionate about helping companies create great cultures and then unlocking the potential in teams so they thrive in those cultures. She aims to make a lasting transformation by attuning the rest of the business to reinforce and support the culture and the team.


[05:22] Julie: “Unplug from the matrix.”
[07:32] Julie: That’s what I see around redundancy, it’s around an opportunity to get new skills, new learnings, and embrace change.
[16:21] Julie: Do, dream, dare.
[17:44] Julie: Disruptive leadership is all around putting your culture front and center.
[20:25] Ronnie: Often, a leader is standing on the edge and having to let go to be successful.
[24:36] Julie: If you don’t know yourself then how can you know others and lead others.

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