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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Gerry Sillars 1

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The Download with Ronnie Altit ft. Gerry Sillars 1

Join Insentra CEO Ronnie Altit and Gerry Sillars, MD of cyber resilience vendor UpGuard, as they discuss how UpGuard came to be, how they are innovating the cyber security space and the story behind their logo. Stay until the end for some outtakes and Gerry’s funniest joke (warning: not for the faint-hearted).


[3.04] The story behind the UpGuard Logo

[10.50] It’s impossible to understand the risk in your environment and therefore impossible to be resilient, if you don’t have visibility.

[11.40] The three areas that UpGuard tackles are Discovery, Control and Protect.

[21.13] Dev, Test, Production, DR: How to make sure they are all the same

[29.42] The funniest joke Gerry Sillars knows (not for the faint hearted)

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