Australia | The Late Night Brew –What is Microsoft Intune? 

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The Late Night Brew –What is Microsoft Intune? 

Australia | The Late Night Brew –What is Microsoft Intune? 

What is Microsoft Intune and why should you care? In this video, we look at an overview of Microsoft Intune (Microsoft Endpoint Manager).  


00:10 Introduction
00:40 The Brew
1:48 What is Intune?
3:09 Why should we care?
3:32 What problems does Intune solve?



Robert Buktenica: Hello everyone, and welcome to The Late Night Brew where we cover the brews first and then we get around to the business at some point. I’m Robert Buktenica, also known as Buk, and here with tonight on the show is Nick Thomas where we’re going to discuss Intune.

Nick, thanks for joining me mate.

Nick Thomas: G’day Buk. How you doing?

The Brew

Robert: I’m pretty good, pretty good. It’s Friday so I know we’re having that long view of the glorious weekend ahead but yeah yeah let’s start it off. Let’s have a brew. So what are you having with me tonight?

Nick: So as it is past 5pm here in the UK I do have a beer. I’ve got a Tiny Rebel Electric Boogaloo which is a passionfruit and kind of hazy; a hazy pale ale from Wales just over the border over the bridge.

Robert: Awesome. I will have to see if that’s in the US because passionfruit beer is a good beer.

Nick: Yeah, it’s really nice, really nice. Enjoying that as it is pretty warm here as well.

Robert: I feel you. I think today’s high is 42 degrees celsius/110 degrees fahrenheit.

I too it’s late enough that I can justify something resembling your breakfast beer. So it’s a tropical IPA, very simple actually kind of that ilk; tropical, fruity, a little bit of hazy, a little bit of hop. It’s pretty good.

What is Intune?

Robert: So first Intune, what is it all about? What is Intune? 

Nick: Intune so Intune is a mobile device management and mobile application management for digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and any other mobile device pretty much. It supports Windows 10, 11 Mac os, android and iOS as well. 

So it’s cloud-based which means you can manage your devices from anywhere as long as they have an internet connexion. That being said, you can decide whether you want to be 100 cloud-based or whether you want to co-manage the devices with configuration manager and Intune together. 

Configuration manager used to be SCCM (System Centre Configuration Manager), for people that aren’t quite up-to-date. Yeah, so it allows you to set policies and configure settings on personal and organisation owned devices to access the network or data, and you know it also allows you to deploy and authenticate apps as well across your devices. 

Why should we care?

Robert: There you go, so that actually answered my second question of why should we care without even realising it so thank you. Pop in the market ‘what’s your question’ here. Nick went ahead and read the script [laughs].  

What problems does Intune solve?

Robert: Now, some very quick user cases of what problems does Intune solve? We’ll get into the details you know a little further on in other episodes it’s a nice little teaser for everyone.

Nick: You know, as I mentioned just now, it is cloud-based so it allows you to manage devices as long as they have an internet connexion. During COVID lots of people were working from home and so this allows IT admins to continue managing their devices without actually being on the internal network or using a VPN that kind of also allows the IT admins work from home as well, so sit in your pjs if you want to.

Robert: Don’t give out all of our secrets [laughter].

Nick: You know there’s the use case of protecting your data through application management as well, which I’m sure we’ll touch on in further detail, and it gives you as a business the ability to offer a bring your own device program to all your employees as well.

Robert: Nice. Yeah, and that I know a lot of, or at least I remember earlier in my career the pain of carrying two cell phones around all the time and you know that dream of…

Nick: Yeah, yeah definitely.

Robert: Awesome. Well that unfortunately wraps up the time for our show today. I hope everyone enjoyed. Stay tuned for another episode. We’re gonna get into more detail about Intune. Any questions, feel free to get in touch. Until then, Nick, cheers mate.

Nick: Cheers mate.

Next Episode: The Late Night Brew – Is Microsoft “Intune” with your needs? 


Australia | The Late Night Brew –What is Microsoft Intune? 

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Australia | The Late Night Brew –What is Microsoft Intune? 

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