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Late Night Brew – Control your MAM (Microsoft Application Management) with Microsoft Intune

What is MAM? In this episode we talk about Mobile Application Management (MAM) and how it can be used to specifically manage applications within Microsoft Intune.


00:08 Introduction
00:41 The Brew
01:43 How does Intune enable you to manage applications remotely?
04:24 How and what can Intune do to protect the data within the applications?



Robert Buktenica: Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Late Night Brew where we talk to the brews first and then we get around to the business at some point. With me once again continuing our in-depth dive of Intune is Nick Thomas. Welcome back once again buddy, episode number four.  

Nick Thomas: Yeah, thanks having me back. Nice to see you. 

Robert: Always, I’m glad you’re not sick of me you know. 

The Brew 

Robert: What are you having with me once again? 

Nick: I’m being sensible today; I’ve just got a Heineken zero percent alcohol. 

Robert: Hey, we all need the break and there’s plenty of The Late Night Brew episodes to go… the IT team or the IT admins a lot of control over the applications. 

Nick: Exactly. 

Robert: Or for the Australian team since it tends to be their morning so they’re the ones drinking tea so you’re in good company with sensibility. This is me, however, I am not sensible. I’m having myself a Mother Road Tower IPA. It’s a very good IPA, it’s not as fruity as some of the hazy ones I like but it’s not overbearingly hoppy which is okay it’s nice.  

Nick: Yeah, nice. 

Robert: So on Intune Nick referenced the fact that you can enroll applications and just the applications on mobile devices and that is definitely an episode all in itself which is why we’re here.  

How does Intune enable you to manage applications remotely?

Robert: So Nick how does Intune enable you to manage the applications remotely? 

Nick: I think, yeah, I was about to say touched on that before but definitely touched on that before. It gives that are on end user devices without actually having to control the devices themselves. So those devices aren’t necessarily enrolled into Intune fully but it allows the IT team to keep the data secure.  

Robert: Kind of like the walled garden as it were. 

Nick: Exactly, yeah yeah. We touched on it in another video didn’t we, and you know you as an IT admin might want to pre-configure an app, so once that app is then deployed all of the settings are in the app already it involves no work for the end user apart from logging in. 

So maybe to outlook for instance the outlook can access their corporate data. 

Robert: Focused inbox. 


Nick: Exactly, and that saves time, it saves any hassle both for the end user the IT service desk. You know it’s really efficient if somebody’s there and they’re trying to type something in manually, there might be a long URL that they need for instance, and you know is that a semicolon or a colon and you know there’s one mistake and then there’s a call to the IoT service desk, so by pre-configuring the app that saves a lot of time. 

Robert: Yeah, I’ve done that a few times where I’ve pushed either managed bookmarks or top sites to edge of “hey here’s your intranet site” right? Because that’s a long one https// (& so on).  

How and what can Intune do to protect the data within the applications?

Robert: Yeah, yeah don’t mess around with the ability to manage applications, and I alluded to this with the walled garden metaphor, how and what can Intune do to protect the data within the applications? 

Nick: So there are policies called app protection policies and these essentially are a set of rules that make your company’s data secure so it’s contained as you say, you know in a wall garden, that either keeps it in the managed app or it makes sure that data is safe. You know there could be a policy set for a set of actions that are restricted or monitored when the when they’re using inside that app, or it could be a rule so that rules sit there and when somebody tries to move or access corporate data when they shouldn’t do, it will prevent the user from doing so. 

I think I said in a previous video as well, a great one that you’re probably aware of, is the copy and paste. So you’re in a company app, copy a piece of text, you’re not allowed to paste that outside of any corporate app.  

Robert: Not allowed to paste into a text message, for example. 

Nick: Yeah. 

Robert: Yeah. 

Nick: And you know there’s many Microsoft and third-party apps that are that are all supported and can be managed by Intune.  

Robert: Zoom and Webex. they have the Intune exactly where applications… 

Nick: Yeah, exactly. So it’s not just Microsoft. People might think it’s just Microsoft apps that are supported but there’s lots of third-party apps as well (I think you can get the official list on the Microsoft website).  

Robert: Yeah, and they’re always expanding it too. 

Well COVID definitely shifted priorities to remote work in Teams but the Intune-aware apps are always growing so if you give us some time and you’ll probably find yourself an Intune app.


With that though that does wrap up our time again, once more for the show Nick it’s been a pleasure having you mate, much appreciated. If you have any questions or comments, we’re here to help so please reach out. Until next time.


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