My first week at Insentra

So, it’s Sunday afternoon and, like many others, I am at a local café hanging out with friends. “So, you just changed jobs – what do you do now”? asked one of my friends.

“Well, my new company is the best (in fact number 2 in Australia’s Great Places to Work study in 2018) and definitely not your typical IT company. I work as a Customer Success Manager” I answered.

“Customer Success Manager? Never heard of them, what they do?” This was the question that inspired me to write this blog.

It has now been a few weeks since I was given a ticket to join the Insentra train. I have to say, in my career journey thus far, my first week was the most amazing experience. I spent time meeting the heads of the different train carriages as well as many of the crew members. From our Partner Channel Champion Robbie Upcroft to our Project Director Jason Greenslade, everyone was telling me how excited they are at allowing me to hop between the carriages as part of my induction & orientation.

I want to introduce myself to you, I’m Wiley (yes to the Sydney folks – my mom did name me after a train station – Wiley Park). For many years I have been a Marvel Movie Fanboy! I can recall every movie done by that franchise because I have been a massive fan and advocate the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What does a Customer Success Manager at Insentra do?

In today’s world, a Customer Success Manager or CSM for short is a pretty fancy name that describes a person who works in the client relationship space.

My aim as a CSM is to ensure:

  • the creation of an enjoyable and rewarding customer journey
  • ensure smooth onboarding & long-lasting relationships
  • making sure our clients leverage our domain expertise
  • and finally, when our job is done, to wish our clients a good onward journey and make sure they are more successful than when we started engaging.

To me, I like to ensure everyone is successful and achieves what they want. That sounds fancy but isn’t client relationship all about selling? Not exactly, bear with me as I explain.

If you walk into a McDonalds and order a Big Mac the staff ask if you would like a Big Mac meal for an extra $2. That is a pretty good sales engagement. The staff member was able to upgrade your meal with a simple question. However, as an Insentra CSM the same example would play out like this:

“Thank you for buying a Big Mac, is there anything else I can do for you? If the burger is not enough for a quick feed, you can always look into the option of making it a meal. Finally, to ensure you are satisfied, the meal comes with the Big Mac + fries + a drink which can be altered in size. These alone ensure you have a meal rather than just a Big Mac Burger.”

As you can see, working as a CSM is about ensuring you are being taken care of to the best of my abilities, and you can see in the 2nd example, there was no overt selling, rather an intent of ensuring the customer is satisfied overall.

I am just getting my feet under the desk and then I will be reaching out to all my customers so we’ll soon be chatting.


I like to keep my blogs as a monthly diary, as the new Customer Success Manager here, I want to thank you for reading!

Until next time, yours Truly