Comfort Zone

For many IT professionals finding the ‘right’ job is the biggest challenge we face as individuals, finding the balance between technically challenging and progressive environments is always in the back of our minds whenever the role hunt starts.

But what happens when you land a role that has all the ‘cool’ tech and ‘funky’ work environment and you start actually enjoying the work that you do….it’s simple you’re happy….and your happiness translates into a highly productive you that goes over and above what the general parameters of the role require.

While all of this happens…in the background you, well I start to develop something called….comfort…..and that comfort can lead to a de-tune of personal performance for a multitude of reasons, some of which can be attributed to lack of motivation, lack of a desire…..things employers do not want in their people.

For me personally change is something  I struggle with and making a change has to tick off a pretty long (and sometimes unreasonable) checklist before I plunge into a new role. This is because I suffer from the ‘comfort zone’.

At times throughout my career I have had lapses in self-confidence for various reasons, until I achieve something great and then realise ‘this is why I was hired in the first place’ and I feel absolutely awesome…..but the time periods were my confidence is down I took solace in the almighty comfort zone because it provides an emotional safety net that provides an excuse for almost everything…..including the want to change.

I had been with an employer for 5+ years…I enjoyed my time there and would not swap out the experiences and the people I met for anything. The company is a prominent player in the Cloud market, globalized IT environment, cutting edge technology – fantastic people……so why leave?

That’s a question I struggled with towards the back-end of my tenure because of all the positives this company provided, it made it seem like leaving was an impossible task…..the reality of that is it’s a mindset….leaving consists of 2 simple steps….1) Hand in your resignation 2) walk out.  But the comfort zone makes this seem like a monumental task……because you are familiar with an environment with the process with the technical responsibilities and can practically perform at a level required

So what happens next…….I had to evaluate what trajectory I wanted my career to take and I had to be realistic with this based on my current skills and experience, everyone has aspirations and desires but sometimes the hysteria can set your expectations too high and more often than not lead to a lot of disappointments in the job hunt phase.

Once I had figured out what path I wanted to follow,  I had to find a company to achieve the results I wanted out of my career and so the hunt began…..

We create our own luck in life, I happened to run into a Practice Manager from Insentra and took a chance by stating ‘I am ready for the next challenge’.

Long story short……a series of interviews and a very different meeting with Ronnie, I was given a ticket to board the Insentra train. Then i did it, I made a call…..I left the comfort zone!

Once my current tenure came to an end, I had 2 days off and then jumped straight into the ESS Team @ Insentra!

One thing I quickly learned at Insentra is everything from the company ethos and values are more than just the words printed on the walls and brochures…..the company and its people live and breath Insentra on a daily basis and its culture is embraced and embodied by all that work here….but one thing is made explicitly clear from day #0, your career is yours to own and Insentra will provide the environment and tools to help cultivate this vision but its up to each individual to set and strive for whichever path they choose to follow.

I have a found a ‘different’ comfort zone now, one that will change daily and will challenge me to be the best version of myself and I couldn’t be happier.