Who to Know at Insentra: Q & A with Ben Herrington

What are you passionate about in life?
Family, especially my wife and son. Spending time with them makes my day and I work hard to give them everything they want and need.

What are your hobbies?
Sports, food, and gaming. I love sports in all forms; football, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Motorsports, the list goes on. I love getting involved and will give any of them a go (to varying levels of success). I am a massive foody. I love to try new foods whenever I am traveling and love to cook and find new recipes that I can bring home and try out on the family. When I am not working, spending time with my son, getting engrossed in sports or cooking, you will usually find me unwinding on my Xbox.

What are the key values you live by?
A few years ago, my wife bought a picture for our house which hangs outside our bedroom. On it is a quote by Abraham Lincoln which says, “Whatever you are, Be a good one.” I get to see that every morning and it is something I keep in mind throughout the day. HITACES (Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, Celebration, Efficiency and Service Excellence) means a lot to me and is the reason why I love working at Insentra. HITA has always been something I ask of the teams that I have managed, and I think it is fundamental to any working role. Celebration is important to me, as I have seen great and poor examples throughout my career; I endeavour to celebrate good work and success where I encounter it. E and S is what elevates everything else, whether that’s in work or life in general.

If there are 5 words to describe you, they would be?
Driven, Loyal, Passionate, Fun, H-angry

What gets you out of bed every day?

Usually my son (6 am like clockwork), but besides him, I have found that if I am doing things I am passionate about then getting up in the morning is one of the easiest parts of the day. I am lucky enough to have a family, job, and hobbies that I deeply care about and they give me a tonne of reasons to get out of bed each morning and enjoy the day.

In two sentences Describe the value/ solution your practice provides. 
We are the interface between the partner community and the super talented team at Insentra; we work closely with our vendors and our partners (both existing and new) to identify solutions, opportunities and offerings to take to market. We help our partners when it comes to identifying what types of solutions they should be offering to their customers and also by getting them access to the right teams to deliver fantastic services.

What do you love about your role?
I get to engage with a diverse collection of partners, understand their business and where they want to take it, and then work out how Insentra can collaborate with them to bring amazing experiences and services that wow their customers.

What do you love about your practice area?
I love working with Partners, they are the people making things happen in the IT industry! Partners are the heart and soul of our business, we are 100% channel focused and our success is tied to the success of our partners. Being able to work with them every day means I am at the forefront of supporting these businesses and helping them deliver great outcomes for their customers.

What values do you and your team live by at work?

I believe we need to live up to our hashtag, #partnerobsessed. It has to be part of who you are within this team to really deliver upon what our partners need from the relationship between us.

What’s unique about the solution your practice provides compared to the rest of the market?
The fact that our proposition is 100% non-competitive to our partners and channel focused. There are many companies out there that have a channel focused side to their business but so many of them also have a direct business; we are not one of them. We work solely through the channel and collaborate with our partners to achieve great things. For our partners, it makes a real difference when you know that you’re working with someone who really wants you to win and wants to be a supportive part of the customer journey.

What does #partnerobsessed mean to you?
Keeping the success of our partners at the centre of everything I do. Every conversation, decision, and the outcome is focused on the success of the partners we work with and delivering something that amazes them and their customers.

How do you HITACES?
By believing in the work we do and being the best version of myself each day, so our partners get the best we can offer to them.

Why Insentra?
Personally, having worked on both sides of the channel for a number of years, it is easy to see that a collaborative service offering which is not competitive to a partner’s business is needed to help partners scale and take new offerings to market. From a channel perspective being able to have a highly skilled and collaborative partner who is invested in the success and growth of your business is incredibly valuable. The fact that Insentra is there to support the delivery of services in a changing IT landscape is crucial right now and is helping our partners grow and stay agile and close to their customers by maintaining the great relationships that they have already forged with them.