Tom Ludbrook has joined the Insentra Train

We are thrilled to have Tom Ludbrook joining us on the train to lead our cloud and collaboration practice. Tom brings with him a wealth of knowledge from an 11 year career at Microsoft where he held both Technical and Sales/Partner roles. Tom is highly respected in the community and we are so excited to have him officially on the train!

1 – What do you do at Insentra?

As the Practice Manager for Cloud & Collaboration, I am responsible for running and growing our Cloud business. This business is integral to the success of the modern enterprise in a world that mobile & cloud based. This new world has a need for increased collaboration, IT costs reduction, increased flexibility & speed to market.

2 – What is your background?

I have had over 20 years of experience in the technology sector incorporating experience in software development, channel development, business development, sales, people management and leadership. I have worked across a number of industries including; Telecommunications, Utilities, Finance, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing and Entertainment.

I have had a number of roles which have included Practice Development Manager, Azure Business Development Manager, Service Delivery Management, Programme Management, Project Management, Business Development and Product Development.

In more recent times I have proven a sales capability driving results both with revenue (110% YoY) and Cloud consumption (exceeding 120% of forecast).

3 – What are your three biggest accomplishments?

  1. Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award – Platinum Club – Top Attainment
  2. Making a career focus change that was outside of my comfort sphere, and achieving greater than 100% against revenue and consumptions targets for the past 3 years.
  3. Staying sane with 3 kids! Seeing them grow, sharing in their success and enabling them to make their own choices.

4 – What does success look like to you? What is your finish line?

Success, honestly I am not sure what that looks like. Goals can be measured and aspirations are met, but as these are achieved, we always find something new to focus on. If pressed on a finish line; happy with the choices that I have made, don’t harp on the things that didn’t go right, have a big boat would be nice and a family who still wants to hang around me when I am a grumpy old man!

5 – Insentra has a set of core values, which is the most important to you and why? How do you live up to these values?

After working for large corporates since the early 2000s, the concept of one team, integrity and trust has been floated around a lot but more as a reactive form of change and I have honestly never seen people living those values. OTOD and HIT ACES are foundational to the culture at Insentra and I can already feel the excitement in team as they live by these values. Dare to be different is also close to my heart and I am excited to be able to be trusted to make decisions that challenge the status quo. I think most of the time we try and conform to the norm, as I say to my kids; “there’s nothing wrong with being different, the world would be boring if we were all the same.” I aim to live up to these values with a reminder from one of my son’s teachers always says; “Don’t forget to bring your best self!”

 6 – What is the biggest challenge facing partners and why?

There are a number of challenges that I have seen partners experiencing over the years;

  • Technology is evolving, how do they keep up.
  • Enterprise & Vendors are changing their focus, how to partners evolve their business.
  • “There are a lot of seagulls and not a lot of chips”. There is a lot of work out there, but partners are often challenged by finding the right opportunities.
  • Business is evolving and how do they continue to make profit. Professional Services: 15% Gross profit -> Managed Services: 35% GP ->

 7 – If you were to ‘pitch’ the value of Insentra, how would you do it? What would you say?

We believe that our value is in the outcomes that we deliver. Insentra have a skilled, diverse and experienced team who dare to be different. One of our key differentiators is the way we partner; we do not compete with our partners nor do we go direct to your customers.

 8 – What is one word that describes you the best?

Fun, when I am not being serious!

 9 – Tell us a funny joke?

Being a dad, I am a big fan of dad jokes. Any dad will understand as soon as you have kids it becomes your right to crack bad jokes that at times you are the only one laughing.