Meet the Team: Gary Cohen

As Practice Manager of Insentra, Gary is responsible for two portfolios: Enhanced Support Services & Application Delivery and Mobility. With 17 years of experience in the role, Gary excels in managing and maintaining technical teams and initiating, developing and supporting relationships from medium to large enterprise clients. He specialises in design, implementation and operation of enterprise IT infrastructure and line-of-business applications with respect to business objectives.


Who are you?

My Name is Gary Cohen. Originally from South Africa, I have lived in Australia for the past sixteen years.


What are you passionate about in life?

Family – The family is the first thing that comes to mind for me, seeing my kids grow up. My son has just started playing cricket and I love taking him to his games on a Saturday morning. Sport has also been a passion for me throughout my whole life, whether it be cricket, rugby or marathon running I’ve always been involved in one way or another. More recently I have found great enjoyment in preparing, training for and, running marathons. I love my work too, building relationships with clients, partners and colleagues is what I most enjoy at Insentra. The problem-solving aspect of the job always keeps me on my toes. Constantly identifying and implementing a broad range of solutions to solve business problems, whilst effectively managing the associated costs, and risks.


What are your hobbies?

Between balancing work and family life, my main passion is training for marathons. This is the time I take for myself each day. Most mornings I’ll be up by 5:30 am and run 10-15 km before work, it’s what gets me out of bed every day.


What are the key values you live by?

In whatever I’m doing honesty, loyalty, trust, integrity, accountability, and service are the key values that guide my decisions. I know I sound like I’m just repeating the Insentra values, but I think that’s why I love working at Insentra so much. Working in an environment that encourages me to be myself, makes it easy to go to work every day.


If there are 5 words to describe you, they would be?

Passionate, Trustworthy, Loyal, Consistent, Focussed


Tell us about the value/ solution your practice provides.

Insentra’s Citrix services helps organisations to achieve the highest level of business innovation and workforce productivity. Our services also help to control risk and security threats that organisations face today. Insentra does this by using solutions that allow you to securely deliver any application, embrace hybrid cloud, and power intelligent user experiences.


What do you love about your role?

I’m passionate about working with partners to present and deliver the right solutions to their clients. I love creating clear roadmaps to remain innovative in meeting their IT needs.


What do you love about your practice area?

All businesses are digital, global and operate 24/7. The environment in which clients are working is constantly changing and moving, in every direction. This dynamic movement exists not just with technologic evolution but with people, perceptions, and organisations as well. This is further accelerated by the widespread adoption of technologies like Mobile, Cloud, IoT, and Big Data. Our practice adds value by being the trusted advisor to clients helping them choose the right solution based on experience, security, and needs.


What values do you and your team live by at work?

Client Service, Quality, Trust, Collaboration, Innovation, Consideration, OTOD (one team one dream)


What’s unique about the solution your practice provides compared to the rest of the market?

Our team has a wealth of experience across all Citrix technologies, with six Citrix MVP’s and the only Citrix CTP in Australia. We only offer services for Citrix meaning that we can focus on helping rather than selling and is why we are a trusted advisor to our partners. Our relationship with Citrix has been developed over many years and is one that provides mutual benefit.


“A passionate Channel Services expert, dedicated to providing innovative technology experiences.”