#Culture17 Culture and Disruptive Leadership

It’s time to build the culture you want to have at work every day.

#Culture17 hand-selects business leaders who inspire them, and who have walked the path, to share their insights into what it takes to build and maintain high performance company cultures. These leaders shared the mistakes that they made. And the successes they’ve achieved. And why they put Culture at the top of their strategic agenda.

Ronnie Altit, Visionary CEO of Insentra was one such leader.

As the founder of Insentra, Ronnie has always dared to be different. His vision is to create an outstanding workplace where his people can be the best versions of themselves, love the work they do and amaze each other and their clients everyday.

Recently awarded in the Top 10 Best Places to Work, Ronnie believes that an organisation’s culture is paramount to running a successful business. His approach to corporate culture is simple and based on transparency, honesty and creating an open environment where his team can flourish.


[00:01:51] “Why is leadership not responsible for corporate culture?”

[00:06:36] Fix the problem when it becomes a problem.

[00:29:33] Giving feedback is critical. Giving honest feedback is even more critical.

[00:34:37] No matter how wonderful it is, no matter how great it is, people need to have fun.

[00:36:03] We measure people on output not input. Deliver outcomes, that’s what we’re looking for.