Welcome to the September Edition of Insentragram – The Modern Desktop

Hi everyone and welcome to the September Edition of  Insentragram – The Modern Desktop.

If you think travel is dangerous – try routine, it's lethal… these were the opening lines on a recent podcast I was listening to and all I could think was ‘isn’t that the truth’. Currently, I am writing this editors letter from the UK which is giving me time to reflect on the last month and what a month it was.

August was an increasingly busy month and one we are very proud of. I had the pleasure of being a guest panelist at ARN Edge and spoke about the future of partnership in the channel. This is a topic very dear to my heart given Insentra was established for exactly that reason – to be the Partner for Partners, where rather than compete, the channel could work together and provide business solutions for our clients in a way that makes sense. We also ran our first official UK team offsite, where I got to witness a new team, hungry to make a difference, talk about their experiences with our clients and what we could do as a business to improve. I love receiving feedback like this as it makes us better.

Additionally, Insentra was nominated 4th in Great Places to Work Australia (up 4 places from last year) in the sub 100 employee category. I am a firm believer that culture is the key to running a successful organisation because if your people are not happy then neither are your clients. Receiving this accolade is confirmation of the significant focus we place on ensuring our workplace is one where our team can be the best they can be and do work they love in the service of people who love what they do.

On the topic of travel, something my business partners and I like to do each year is travel to a new location after the Microsoft Annual Worldwide Partner Conference. Following this year’s conference in Washington DC, we went to Cabo and what an adventure we had.  This time is imperative for us to throw our business up in the air and see what we can do differently. As our mission statement has always we declared – we dare to be different.

This edition is exactly all about daring to be different and unpacks what we are seeing with the Modern Desktop. The key point that stood out for me from the interviews was how as organisations we must evolve and accommodate the changing needs of the workplace, from security practices with BYOD all the way to ensuring end-user experience is maximised as we become more cloud based.

In this edition, you will get to meet our Chief Cloud Architect, Michael Webster who not only discusses the future of the modern desktop, but also interviews Jaron Cohen from Microsoft. Aaron Parker, Australia’s only CTP talks about FSLogix and why end-user experience needs to be the primary focus of the modern desktop.

I hope you enjoy the articles below and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all feedback.

Ronnie Altit

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Join Insentra CEO Ronnie Altit and Michael Webster, Insentra's Chief Cloud Architect on The Download as they discuss industry trends around identity and security, common mistakes organisations make when moving to the cloud and the top business outcomes organisations can achieve in the area of identity and work.

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Join Insentra Chief Cloud Architect Michael and Jaron Cohen, Microsoft Australia’s Windows Commercial Product Manager, as they discuss the future of the modern desktop, trends in how people work and how Microsoft plans to keep up with all the changes in technology.

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Insentra's Cloud and Collaboration Solutions Architect, Aaron Parker, discusses all things FsLogix and why it is a must for partners looking to improve end user experience.

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