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Welcome to the June Insentragram – The New Normal Edition

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Hi There, 

Welcome to the June edition of Insentragram! This month is all about the “new normal”. We explore how Insentra can help support employees through these challenging times and share the different ways we have adapted to the changing environment.

One of our main priorities is ensuring our Partners and their clients not only survive, but thrive throughout this pandemic, which is why we created ‘Fast Start’ services. Check out Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Fast Start to help businesses rapidly establish a virtual desktop environment and ensure rich applications are easily accessible by remote workers. Also, have a read of our Citrix on Azure Fast Start offering enabling a rapid and efficient stand up of an operational Citrix environment in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Teams adoption has skyrocketed with Satya Nadella sharing Microsoft saw two years of adoption in two weeks.  Teams continues to be a powerful communication/collaboration platform and has slotted perfectly into our new normal, however we are seeing businesses not taking advantage of its full potential or in some cases still waiting to adopt. I would highly recommend reading Edmund Davis’s article – “Getting Teams Going Fast to see just how easy it is to implement or transition to this platform!

Organisations have been focused on rapidly enabling their staff with Teams and were forced to park any information security and governance considerations in an effort to “just get people collaborating”. Now the clean-up begins and in Lee Foster’s article, he describes the way’s these issues are manifesting and three key considerations to help mitigate the risks. Take a look at our Teams Governance page to help plan the governance journey.

With a predominantly remote workforce, pressure builds for organisations to ensure employees are maximising efficiency, output and delivering against business objectives. And you’re probably thinking, “I wish there was a way we could digitally enable our employees so they could become more productive and deliver on all our objectives!”. Enter Nulia. In case you missed the March Insentragram, Nulia Works digital enablement platform enables organisations to truly benefit from the productivity gains Microsoft365 provides. It monitors how users work, identifying areas where skills need to be attained, presents targeted education to help achieve new skills and outcomes and, critically, continues to monitor to ensure the skills are being used. To see Nulia in action and how it could be applicable for your business, watch this video here, or check out our webpage for more information!

For some light hearted fun, check out this video we put together with some of our crew sharing their home office and tips for working remotely.

Until next month, stay safe and wash your hands!​

Much love


CEO, Insentra

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