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Hi everyone and welcome to the Security edition of Insentragram – clearly very topical at the moment.  For our ANZ subscribers, most of us will have just finished our financial year.  I trust that everyone had a solid end to the year.  At Insentra we had an excellent finish, breaking many records in our business across sales, invoicing and new leads – in fact we received over 158 opportunities from our partner network in the month of June.  Thank you to all of our partners for the trust you place in the Insentra team. From humble beginnings 7 short years ago, our business has grown to be a global organisation with presence in 8 countries around the world, where we continue to operate with our partner obsessed, 100% channel based model.

Last month we introduced video content and the feedback was so overwhelming we are going to continue with this approach.  In the future you will also see transcriptions of the videos for those of you who prefer to read and we will also be launching an Insentra Podcast channel where the audio content can be listened to at your convenience.

In this edition you can meet Gerry Sillars, APAC VP and Head of International Sales for UpGuard.  Make sure to watch that one through to the end to listen to Gerry’s favourite joke, told only in a way Gerry knows how!  Our very own Lee Foster, Cyber Security and Information Management Practice Manager, also took to the camera this month to share his experience on what he is seeing in the industry across our partners and their clients.  Simon Altit, Director of our EMEA business shares insights on the Shadow IT problem and I have another chat on the couch with Ian McAdam, MD of Symantec Pacific.

Security is absolutely front of mind for our partners and their clients and no board meeting takes place without cyber security and/or cyber resilience being an agenda item.  With the onset of the mandatory breach legislation in Australia and GDPR in Europe, boards are concerned more than ever about protecting their data, brand and borders and not many truly understand what these pieces of legislation mean to their businesses.  In itself this is creating an enormous opportunity for trusted advisors to make a difference and help shape the way organisations are improving their security posture.  As we all know, once the board is concerned about something, solutions are found and implemented quickly.

To those of you who contributed to the CEO Sleepout by providing a donation, thank you very much!  Together with my co-founders Steve Boi and Itzik Gur, we raised almost $14,000 for which we were very proud.  Sleeping on the Sydney Cricket Ground was certainly an experience I will never forget and has acted as a solid anchor in my mind as to the reason we was there. Homelessness can happen to anyone, it doesn’t have a postcode and it certainly isn’t discerning and I am very humbled by the support we received for this event.  If you still want to contribute, you can do so by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this far!  Enjoy this month’s edition and, as always, please keep the feedback coming – we love to hear from you.

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Join Ronnie Altit and UpGuard VP (APAC) Gerry Sillars as they discuss the UpGuard story, the secrets on how to effectively pitch, the growth of UpGuard, the problems they solve, the difference between cyber security and cyber resilience, WannaCry and more.

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Insentra security practice manager Lee Foster discusses the security practice at Insentra, the security trends that are making companies vulnerable, quantifying risks and the future for security. Watch the video and stay til the end to see Lee solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

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Symantec Managing Director for the Pacific Region Ian McAdam joins Ronnie on the couch to discuss Symantec, current security trends in the industry, security threats, barriers to cyber security, the biggest mistakes people make around security, it's future and more.

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In the last few weeks there has been a number of reports of UK public sector organisations taking advantage of as a way to distribute and share documents within their organisations. However, by default all of the content on this service was shared publicly and appearing in people’s search results.

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