The Office 365 Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to the Office 365 edition of Insentragram! As we approach the end of the financial year in Australia, we hit what I call “the season of unnatural acts”. This is a time when the market goes nuts with organisations trying to exhaust their budgets before the EOFY. The result is the IT channel becomes crazy and everything is needed yesterday. Fun times ahead for the next six weeks for sure!

Before going into the contents of this edition, I want to clarify again for all of our readers – Insentra is a 100% channel based business. We do NOT transact directly with any end-user organisations. We are partner obsessed. Everything we do is for and with our partners. We exist to augment or be the skills for the IT Channel where they either run out of resources or don’t have the capability.

We have tried something different in this release of Insentragram – we have provided some video based content. Be sure to watch the video of Gary Cohen and I discussing the Considerations in Transitioning to the Cloud through to the end… where we included some outtakes for your amusement. Would love to hear your feedback.

In this edition, we are excited to announce a suite of offerings around Office 365 for our partners and their clients; from migrations, to administration, reporting and discovery and audit services. Each of these services are designed for our partners to ‘cherry pick’ and add to their portfolio of existing services, helping to provide a true end to end offering for their clients.

The most exciting service we have created is our Office 365 Backup as a Service. One of our team of Office 365 specialists, Hugh Roberts, in his first ever video (and what a great job he did!) discusses the reasons why backup of Office 365 is so critical and there is also an article speaking to our new offer – Buy Office 365 Backup as a Service and Migrate for Free. Have a watch and read the article for more detail.

Also in this edition is an interview with myself and Alan Byrne – former CEO of Cogmotive, an organisation recently acquired by our strategic partner QUADROtech. Insentra are the exclusive partner for Cogmotive in ANZ and we also work with them globally in our US and EMEA operations. Take a look at the video to understand the power of Cogmotive as it relates to Office 365 reporting and discovery and audit.

Many of you know how passionate I am about corporate cultures. Off the back of receiving 8th in Australia’s Great Places to Work  2016, I was asked to speak at Culture 17 to share my thoughts on what it takes to build a corporate culture with motivated and happy people.  We have shared the recording of the session with you this month.

Lastly, myself and my co-founders will be partaking in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout on 22nd of June, spending a night sleeping in the cold at the Sydney Cricket Ground (plenty worse venues I know). Did you know for over 105,000 Australians, being homeless is a daily reality? The last time I did CEO sleepout I was surprised by the number of children and women who were homeless. It is easy to judge people who are homeless as being irresponsible but for most it is the only option they have. This year Insentra is teaming up with Changing Change and we want to do something special for people who wish to donate. You can either donate directly by clicking here and you can go in the draw to win an evening cruise on a luxury boat (with wine and food supplied). For every $50 donated you will have a ticket to the competition.

Until the next month, stay safe from Crypto worms and enjoy the EOFY madness.

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Office 365 Exchange Online is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for organisations moving mail to the cloud. 

Most organisations do not understand the need for Office 365 to be backed up. CEO Ronnie Altit calls out a few things to be considered.

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Many consultants feel they can circumvent backup of Office 365 by using work arounds such as in-place hold and preservation policies. Insentra consultant, Hugh Roberts, talks about the three main risks to using these work arounds. Watch until the end for a special behind the scenes feature.

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CEO Ronnie Altit and PM Gary Cohen in their chat about managing Office 365 and the various considerations involved. Watch until the end for a special behind the scenes look!

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Join Ronnie Altit on the couch as he chats with Cogmotive VP Alan Byrne about Cogmotive, its benefits and how we are working together to bring innovative reporting solutions to the Australian market. Watch until the end to discover how the name ‘Cogmotive’ came about.

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