Are you Smart Enough to Protect your Data?

Australians take heed! 69% of Americans think having their personal information stolen in their lifetime is inevitable. This figure came out of a recent study by Wakefield research commissioned by Citrix, along with other alarming data that shows people have become complacent about internet security.

2015 has seen major hacking incidents in companies globally with the top ten being Anthem and Uber in February; IRS, CareFirst and MSpy in May; hacking Team, Office of Personal Manage Agency (USA) and Ashley Madison in July; and finally ICANN and Carphone Warehouse in August.

As technology moves towards the next iteration, the likes of firewalls, antivirus and intrusion prevention is slowly becoming obsolete against hackers who generate their own advanced code that has little means of being detected with technology better than the average person.

However, users stand little chance when

  • 70% haven’t installed security software on their smartphone or tablet
  • 62% use a basic or company issued Wi-Fi password
  • 51% do not change their passwords frequently enough

Whether it’s about lack of understanding of the products available to them on the market or a lack of understanding in regards to how they can protect themselves, it’s clear that users don’t find securing their personal information a priority. The 93% of Americans that don’t keep their personal files on the cloud is testament to this, while 61% of surveyed users don’t have data breach programs in place.

While 92% of employed Americans surveyed feel that security and data protection is a priority for a company, 34% of those feel that their companies devote more resources to social media than to data protection! At least when they have a breach they can quickly notify their clients I guess.

Having a great protection program in place doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly business venture and as we all know, not protecting your company’s data may end up more costly in the long run. Why not check out these statistics in your organisation and see if they apply. Insentra’s security specialist team can help you put your business into perspective, analysing your security environment to help you protect your most valuable asset: your data – forewarned is forearmed.

Get in touch with us today to discuss solutions that could help you stay secure and off the biggest hacking scandals for 2016.

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